It ain’t a boxing match people, it’s a debate between Lincoln Restler, who is our local State Committeeman and his challenger Chris Olechowski. And Chris is trying very hard to avoid getting into it with Lincoln because he will probably walk away with his tail between his legs, but I’m not taking sides here. In order to get Chris to agree to a debate, take one minute away from Facebook and SIGN THIS PETITION!

The goal is 100 signatures. We can do better than that!

Lots of people don’t care about politics but if you are going to care about any election, it should be the ones in your own backyard, like this one!

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  1. While I support the debate in theory, I don’t think it’s going to happen because it was brought up late during the campaigning. There’s a lot of good discussion on the North Brooklyn Community Facebook group that people should read before voting — and please do vote — in the primary, which is Thursday, September 13 (not the traditional second Tuesday in September.

    Since the majority of metropolitan New Yorkers are Democrats, the Democratic Primary truly matters “voice of the voter” wise; the Republican candidate will likely lose in the general election because voters’ll go down the line according to party affiliation.

        1. No, it’s never too late, but in discussing a possible location several people were worried about how to make the location acceptable to the district’s sizable Hasidic population. It’s a scramble, and if it happens I’ll be there!

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