Last night I was really excited to meet a dynamic duo, Kiri and Heidi, who are leaders of a huge network of pro-feminist musicians, artists and activists called Permanent Wave. Earlier this year I attended a show booked by these gals at Death By Audio, a DIY all ages venue in Williamsburg. The show was a benefit for Right Rides, which offers women and LGBTQ individuals a free, safe, late night ride home on weekends. Talented local bands fronted by lady musicians jammed in the packed space with an upbeat and positive crowd.

It’s all about collaboration. According to their mission statement, Permanent Wave seeks “to challenge gender inequality as it manifests itself in art, politics, and our personal lives” with the belief that, “women should see each other as collaborators and inspirations, not rivals.” Right on, ladies! This plays itself out when booking as an organization, explained Kiri, rather than just trying to book your own band at a venue. Strength in numbers.

And Permanent Wave is expanding to Philly, Boston, the Bay Area & DC. The ladies kept admirably referring to the organization’s founder Amy Klein, who empowers them by reminding everyone that there is no set of rules. As the website explains, there is “no secret organizational code or anything. [It] is simply small groups of people working together and making shit happen.” That being said, their strong focus, simple message, and professional and uber friendly demeanor commands respect. These women are seriously hard workers. Even before I met them, I wanted to collaborate on a music show in Greenpoint together. After meeting them, we are definitely making this shit happen soon!

Kiri and Heidi are in a band called Leda that is playing as part of this weekend’s 2012 Permanent Wave Festival on Friday night 8/17 at Death By Audio (42 S. 2nd St.) along with Laura Stevenson, Vermont’s Dollfight! and Wojcik. The Daily Acts of Feminism Project’s 1st Exhibit will debut there as well. ($7, all ages)

Saturday 8/18 the festival continues during the day at a great venue called Big Snow Buffalo Lodge (89 Varet St.), with a potluck and cool workshops including Guitar Pedals 101 / Punk Drumming Techniques & Patterns  (1pm), How to Succeed in Show Booking Without Really Crying (2:15pm), Feminist Action (and Reaction)  (3:30pm) DIY: Art as Activism (for Everyone!) (4:45pm) followed  by a performances starting at 8pm by Mindtroll, Philly’s Kate Ferencz,  DC’s Priest, and Gifts for Burning. ($7, all ages)


Sunday 8/19 get’s even more DIY at a house venue called Ho_se (28 Lawton St #1) with performances beginning at 3pm by Philly’s Attia Taylor, Boston’s Erica RussoMal Blum and Kelly Montoya. ($3, all ages)

If you want to get involved and stay updated, join the listserve by emailing  thepermanentwave (at )

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