Greenpoint’s “eco-chic” boutique the one well (165 Greenpoint Ave) is hosting Greenpoint artist Amanda LaMarco’s first solo show titled Hair, opening tonight August 12, 2012 from 7-10pm.

This girl has chops with pen on paper, the time and attention to detail to draw micro-fine strands of hair isn’t easy, but her hair illustrations, created just for this show, are not meant to show-off her skills but to deal with her hair that she describes as “big.”

“My whole life I’ve been struggling with taming my hair,” Amanda explained. She treats it and chops it in order to thin it out. When figuring out a show she “wanted to do something cohesive and detailed and personal” to express how “how I feel suffocated sometimes.”

We all have something that is too BIG – (noses, debt, cats, stress, boobs, clutter) – an out of proportion nag on our self perception. Amanda draws this struggle, the process by which we all must “dig [our] way through [our] own hair,” she said pointing to a specific piece of work.

An inspiration for Amanda’s work is artist Jenny Morgan whose distorted portraits unapologetically look at the viewer straight in the eye and portray the idea of self image head on.


Aside from her drawings, Amanda will be debuting a short art film she created for tonight.

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