If I’ve learned anything about small scale gardening in the last 15 weeks, its that you really do get what you give. This past weekend I attacked my garden for a few hours, pruning and weeding, and saying goodbye to some bolting radish plants and sad looking lettuce. It was a rewarding process, as now my garden is in tip top shape.

I now know which plants really thrive in the space/light I give them — summer squashes, basil, kale, and sunflowers. I decided that I can never have too much basil, so I combined some of my squash plants in a larger container, and used their old pots to plant some more of the delicious green stuff (pesto for days!).

I also did a fair bit of harvesting, which I cooked up that same night in the style of a salad from my beloved Anella. All fresh, all local, all totally grown by me. It was truly a beautiful thing.

Are you eating anything from your garden yet? I want to hear all about it!

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  1. Hi there! I recently moved into my boyfriend’s apartment that has an amazing backyard. I planted a yellow cherry tomato plant, some straberry plants, basil and cilantro myself, but the garden already had lemon mint, regular mint, RASPBERRY BUSHES, strawberries, chives, a large lavender bush and a beautiful Rosemary plant. I’ve since been cooking with the produce and its such a joy to walk out into my garden and pick some rosemary and chives and mix it in with my eggs for breakfast, alongside some fresh raspberries mixed in with yoghurt and some fresh tomatoes. oh and how could I forget the strawberry pies and compotes I’ve made!

    I would have never guessed I would be enjoying a garden like this in New York!

    1. are you gardening in a greenpoint backyard? to be cautious, unless you are eating produce from raised planting beds, it is a good idea to get your soil tested before consuming vegetables grown in greenpoint soil.

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