My appreciation for abstract art comes more from the littered sidewalks of Brooklyn than the galleries of Manhattan.

Meserole Street 11222

Forget that it’s trash and enjoy the materials, colors and textures the way you’re supposed to in a museum. There’s some awfully cool little compositions of junk that can be extracted from the streets of Greenpoint and beyond.

Hausman Street 11222

Van Brunt Street 11231


Devoe Street 11222

Tony Luib has a one man blog about Greenpoint and beyond at Brooklyn Imbecile.

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  1. WTF to the highest. Garbage in garbage out was a slogan used during the early computer period. What has happened is that as we become more and more toxic by all the garbage we ingest and breathe, our brains become full of garbage. This is beyond dumming down, it’s absolutely clinical. It’ s a total rejection of art and craft by those who aren’t capable of doing or appreciate these two necessary conditions. So garbage becomes art and art becomes garbage. Such a display becomes equivalent to a Picasso or a Tintoretto. It’s like making a rap piece equivalent to the Mozart Requiem Mass. It really is the requiem to all that is art. Plainly this shit sucks.

    1. I feel honored to have such an articulate man like yourself have such a strong reaction to my photography. Even better that your own flesh and blood asked me to contribute to her website because of what she thinks is a unique visual and literary perspective I have on such non-classical things as city trash. “WTF to the highest” rules, old man. Grazie!

      1. WTF to the highest always rules it’s sort of hosanna to the highest.
        My comment was not disparaging your photos that are well exposed and nicely composed. My comment, that of anc “old man”-where I come from it’s actually regarded a sign of respect and honor-was directed to a broader issue of what we like to call art these days. Our society’s banes are this push toward equivalency and relativism. As for myself, I do not take myself seriously nor do I take my work nor anything else seriously. You see in 100 years none of this will matter; unless the photos you took will be considered high art and will then become immortalized. I would not bet that house on that. Your reply was nice and I enjoyed it. I hope that this will not create problems with my so called flesh and blood who is an extraordinary person whom I love dearly. It’s great to write back and forth. All the best to you.
        I also went through a period when I shot garbage. I soon outgrew it.

  2. I have enjoyed this comment thread and no offense has been taken. I have also spent 15 years making sculptures and paintings, Maybe check those out, too. ( Perhaps you should even buy one! But be warned, they were also made using non-classical materials, including bones and plastic. As far as art history goes, I’d rather take a shit on a canvas and call it art than to ever look at another sensationalized church-sanctioned piece of visual propaganda ever again. Using art to veil oppression and pedophilia on a epidemic proportion is garbage in my book.

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