Bird of Paradise: Lee O’Connor Photography

Birds of Paradise Series © Lee O'Connor

Lee O’Connor is pretty dope. Her photography chronicles a myriad, multi-layered look at women. The gaze is deep, with a attention to the complicated intricacies of identity, along with influences from high fashion and street culture.

Lee launched an indiegogo campaign to fund her latest project: a book, Birds of Paradise. In the description, she states: “This is a 64 page, softcover book, with 30 of my favorite portraits that I’ve taken since I began the series. This project is very close to my heart, and I’m really excited to share these images with the world.” With such beautiful and breathtaking photography, it’s a book that needs to be made. The campaign ends on 4/18.

I spoke with Lee about her impressive work, creating art, and living in Greenpoint.
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Women’s History Month – In Conversation With Lauren Jobson-Ahmed

Lauren Jobson-Ahmed © Fabian Palencia

This installment in our Women’s History Month series brought us to the home of Lauren Jobson-Ahmed, Ed.M. and arts educator – nominated by her friend Michelle, who told us:

Lauren is an amazing Greenpointer and native New Yorker who works for the Urban Arts Partnership which endeavors to bring innovative art programs to inner city kids. She is also a portrait photographer who is capturing the history and style of her elder Cuban relatives who made their distinct mark on NYC upon arrival in the 1960s. Continue reading

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Instagram Take-Over: @carnobnoxious


This week’s #greenpointers_takeover is by @carnobnoxious. If you want to take-over Greenpointers’ Instagram for one week in 2014 click here. At the end of the year we plan to show some of the work in an exhibit and a printed zine.

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Instagram Take-Over @Febsmatic

© Fabian Palencia / Instagram @febsmatic

If you follow us on Instagram, you will notice that today begins our 2014 Instagram Take-Over with a very talented Queens born, Gowanus based Street Photographer Fabian Palencia @febsmatic who says about Brooklyn, it’s “the home for cultural awareness.” Continue reading

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My Chemical Portrait at Heliopolis: Last Night Tonight 8/26

Eric Lee Bowman
Eric Lee Bowman

It was nothing like the cowboy-dress, sepia novelties of every town tourist traps. Having my collodian portrait taken at Heliopolis gallery by inherent photographer Eric Lee Bowman felt (and was) more like a real, happening tradition. The week of signup volunteer shots was an active extension of his too brief cynanotype print and glass plate figure show at the Huron space. Continue reading

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Sunday Snaps: East River View

People are truly fascinated with water. As Greenpointers we have great views of the East River. Here are a  few shots with smoke stacks in the background.
Make sure you add to the Greenpointers Flickr Pool and be sure to tag #greenpointers on Instagram.

© Gina Herold
© Katerina Tassiopoulos
© Edwin Schrijvers
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Opening: Where They Swam // Other Relics

fish, alaska

It was hot, humid, sticky.  It’s summer in New York.  Friday nights are often special; this friday in particular was the opening of Gina Pollack‘s solo exhibit of Where They Swam // Other Relics.  It was hosted at the one well, a fabulous local shop/gallery space whose owner Kerry Jones is also the curator/designer.

Gina came in, price sheets and artist info in hand.  ”So sorry, I forgot about these,” said the Silverlake native-turned New Yorker.

Untitled, Where They Swam, V
Untitled, Where They Swam, V

I was admiring her photographs earlier while helping Kerry prep.  A part of me always wonders what the artist looks like in comparison to the art they make.  Her photos were colorfully vivid and vibrant.  They were filled with beautiful nostalgia and juxtaposition of man-made elements and forces of nature.

With her vintage red pumps, ethnic-inspired black dress and no-fuss hair,   Gina was the perfect petite embodiment of her artwork. 

I was curious what inspired her to take these photographs, so I asked if she had a couple of minutes to answer my questions.

Y:  So, aside from the fact that the McCarren Park Pool is opening soon, I want to know what spurred your interested in taking photographs of it in the first place?

G:  It was actually a spur of the moment thing.  My friend and I were walking past it and curiosity got the best of me. Continue reading

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The world is random; so is Greenpointers. The obsessive collector in me cannot keep my hands off any and all cool looking business cards that I find in coffee shops, art galleries, bars and those handed to meet when I meet new folks. I have a nerdy binder with laminated slots where I keep them, but since that has filled up I stuff everything into this pickle jar. Like a lot of organizational disasters in my life, it is one of the many elephants in the room of things I need to go through. I earnestly pocket these cards because they are attractive to me and I want to check them out.
Enter the new weekly post: “Pick a Card” in which I randomly pick a business card, show it to you, and tell you all about it.
This may sound boring, but this isn’t the “Leave a Business Card for Free Lunch” raffle jar you find in an overpriced deli in Midtown. This jar is filled with some of the most innovative and creative new companies, organizations, artists and musicians, all people who live in our neighborhood.
Another column I want to do regularly is a weekly featured Greenpoint artist, so I am killing two birds with one stone here. I am psyched that the first card I pulled is artist/photographer Caroline Burghardt. Aside from personally loving her work, the timing is great because on Saturday she is working on her Pastoral Dreams photo project up in the Bronx at the Andrew Freeman Home, and it looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun! Check out the facebook invitation for more info.

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