As the cold rages on, you might be considering hibernating with your Netflix for a few more weeks. But before you start streaming Ida, check out what some of these eight outstanding photographers with studios in Greenpoint have been creating:

From "For Tropical Girls Who Have Considered Ethnogenesis When The Native Sun Is Remote," (2014) by Tiffany Smith

1. Tiffany Smith: Smith grew up between Miami, Florida, Nassau, Bahamas, and Jamaica, and now has a studio on Greenpoint Avenue in Brooklyn. She received a BA in photography and graphic design from Savannah College of Art & Design and is currently enrolled in the MFA Photo, Video and Related Media program at SVA. Her work “explores notions of identity, individuality, community, and cultural ambiguity,” and is on view at the Jamaica Biennial in Kingston, Jamaica until March 15. You can follow her on Instagram @ms_ladyt.

"Serious Kids," C-prints (2002) by Nebojsa Seric Shoba

2. Nebojsa Seric Shoba: Born in Sarajevo, Shoba studied at the School of Applied Arts, then at the Sarajevo Academy of Fine Arts, and then moved to Amsterdam to attend Rijksakademie, an international two-year artist residency and studio program. His photography has been exhibited worldwide, including in France, Switzerland, Austria, and he currently has a studio on Manhattan Avenue in Brooklyn.

From the "Southwest" series by Kevin Kunstadt

3. Kevin Kunstadt: Born in New York City, Kunstadt received a BA in Visual Arts from Brown University and now has a studio on West Street in Brooklyn. His work has been published in National Geographic, among numerous other publications, and has been exhibited in Philadelphia, Seattle, Newport, and New York.

From the "Bodybuilder studies," Backstage during the IFBB/NY Metropolitan Competition, NYC (2010) by Rachel Rampleman

4. Rachel Rampleman: Rampleman was born in Cincinnati, and currently has a studio on West Street in Brooklyn. She received her BFA from the University of Cincinnati and her MFA from NYU. Her work challenges “gender stereotypes and constructions of ‘feminine’ identity,” and has been exhibited in Germany, China, Thailand, and New York, among other places. She is currently preparing for a screening in Ghent, Belgium; an exhibition at Carl Solway Gallery in Cincinnati; and for an early career retrospective at The Center for Exploratory and Perceptual Studies (CEPA Gallery) in Buffalo, New York.

From "Time Windows: Squaring up to the past," (2009) by Alex Wolkowicz

5. Alex Wolkowicz: A Polish/German photographer with a studio on Morgan Avenue in Brooklyn, Wolkowicz “explores themes about our relationship with the world and how we share it with each other and other living things.” Recently, Wolkowicz was in a group show with Cave Collective at Underline Projects in New York, and her work has been shown internationally in Liverpool, Rotterdam, Bonn, and Arles.

From the "America" series, "Tourist, White Sands, NM" (August 2010) by Carl Gunhouse

6. Carl Gunhouse: Born in Boston, Gunhouse spent his formative years in suburban New Jersey. He received a BFA (and BA in European History) from Fordham University, and an MFA in Photography from Yale University. He has produced “a body of landscape and portrait photographs by driving around the United States to expose the little visual bits of America that give voice to our shared history and experience.” Currently, he has a studio on India Street in Brooklyn.

From the "Hometown Paradise" series, Ft. Lauderdale Beach, by Danny Ghitis

7. Danny Ghitis: The son of Jewish South American immigrants, Ghitis had a childhood peppered with moves, which helped him “to develop a lifelong interest in documenting the lives of strangers and culturally ambiguous communities.” Ghitis received a BS in Journalism from the University of Florida, and has been a freelance photographer for the past seven years. His photography has appeared in TIME, Vice, and other well-known publications, and has been exhibited in New York and Poland. He has a studio on Russell Street in Brooklyn. You can follow him on Twitter @DannyGhitis.

"Untitled," (2014) by Eric Lee Bowman

8. Eric Lee Bowman: Bowman is a native New Yorker with a studio on Manhattan Avenue in Brooklyn. His works explore his interest in the process of making photography, and thus Bowman playfully turns ambrotypes into fractured portrait photographs made by a variant of the wet plate collodion process on glass. You can follow him on Instagram @ericleebowman.

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