Introducing Dobbin St. – A New Events Venue in Greenpoint

The new events venue, Dobbin St.
New events venue, Dobbin St.

Have you noticed the new bright blue building on Dobbin Street? It used to be an auto garage, but that former identity is now completely unrecognizable at the newly renovated 64 Dobbin Street. After 18 months of intense demolition and reconstruction – not to mention a new coat of paint – the 8,500 sq. wedding venue and events space Dobbin St. will open this summer. Continue reading

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Let’s Get Erotic with Frugging Parties, Blue Movies, Go-Go’s, and Filthy Tracks this May

Back in my single days I had no problem getting attention from women.

Didn’t even have to try, wearing pants that were two sizes too big, in order to feel comfortable after a large meal. Or a suede jacket in the pouring rain.

Women would stop and linger on me with their eyes. For some reason, it never turned into a date.

If you have the same problem, maybe what you need is to meet people in a sexually charged atmosphere. But sexy, not skeevy. Skeevy just feels predatory.

Avoiding skeevy this month, and leaving other seduction advice to the experts, here are some hot tips on the local scene. I’ll give you DJ’s playing vintage vinyl to accompany vintage X-rated movies. I’ve also got a lead on a local club with drag cabaret and less innocent offerings on tap in a same-sex friendly setting. Continue reading

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A History of Greenpoint in Twenty-Five Buildings: The Union Baptist Church

Screen shot 2016-04-23 at 9.25.11 AM

One of the oldest buildings in Greenpoint and a landmark is struggling for survival. These days the 160 year-old Union Baptist Chruch at 151 Noble Street is closed and surrounded by a fence. It’s fighting demolition, but it has a champion. Pastor Mike Newberger is fighting to raise the money to save the church and its amazing historic legacy. Continue reading

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Thursday Spotlight: Artist Dan Sabau

Dan Sabau Greenpointers

Dan Sabau comes from several walks of life. Originally born in Romania and growing up in Cleveland Ohio, he eventually made it to Greenpoint, Brooklyn and calls this local neighborhood home. His story is interesting—formerly in a band called Slak he toured and played in New York venues. After seeing what New York had to offer, he knew he wanted to live here as an artist. During his fourth year of art school in Cleveland, he did a semester in New York through Parsons and ended up moving here three months after 9/11.  You can witness his life’s movement in his work; there’s a true story behind the portraits and faces. Continue reading

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Construction to Begin on New Greenpoint Library Later this Year

Those of you who have ever laid eyes on the public library in Greenpoint know that it is a bit of an eyesore in an otherwise picturesque neighborhood. But not for long. The Greenpoint Library is about to enter a new incarnation to bring residents the modern, sustainable facility that’s increasingly necessary in an age that’s threatening to make books obsolete.

The original Greenpoint Library was constructed in 1906 and only replaced once in the 1970s due to deterioration. The current building will be replaced by a larger, more modern green building with an added environmental education center that’s due to open in the spring of 2018.

The project is being funded by a $5 million grant from the Greenpoint Community Environmental Fund and a $6,030,300 matching contribution from the Brooklyn Public Library. GCEF is a $19.5 million grant program established with the settlement funds from the ExxonMobil oil spill in Newtown Creek.

Continue reading

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GAMBAZine: An Island of Literary Independence

GambaZine_Chris_Carr“What happens to all of the pages that people put under the bed?”

That is a question that artists Melissa Hunter Gurney and Chris Carr asked themselves during the months before they birthed GAMBAZine, an international publication rooted in Greenpoint and Bushwick.

From the beginning, Gurney says that GAMBA had an activist slant. The duo wanted to create a literary magazine free of the politics and favoritism rampant in mainstream publications.

“Sometimes it feels like your bio has to look a certain way,” Gurney says. But she explained that she and Carr didn’t want to choose work based on writers’ previous publications, literary accolades, or university degrees.

In the spring of 2014, they founded GAMBAZine. The name came from Gambazini, a mythical island that Gurney had dreamt about months earlier. Continue reading

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Trading Waste For Abundance with Stevie Van Horn

Stevie Van Horn, Conflict Palm Oil free/Trash free/Plastic free
Stevie Van Horn, Conflict Palm Oil free/Trash free/Plastic free at Homecoming

“I love the trees in Greenpoint!” says Stevie Han Horn, 28, who moved to Brooklyn from Colorado in 2012. “Part of it makes me feel as though I’m in a small town. There are a few roads in Greenpoint that make me feel so smitten because the trees funnel the street making it extra dreamy.”

Nature lover? Sure. But when I learned that Stevie lived “trash free”, that seemed a little too hippy dippy for me. Yes, even by my standards! At first I didn’t believe her, like, is it even possible to live trash free? What does that even mean? Continue reading

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One of the Most Successful Greenpointers Ever is Dead

Screen shot 2016-04-10 at 2.28.58 PMRobert MacCrate, who was born in 1921 on Milton Street passed away in the beginning of April 2016. He was ninety-four. MacCrate was one of the most brilliant people ever born in the area. He was not only a Harvard Law School graduate and President of the American Bar Association, but his legal work has had a profound effect on America in a number of ways. Its current president commented on MacCarate’s passing, “Among his lasting accomplishments is the work of the ABA Task Force on Law Schools and the Profession, which he chaired. Its 1992 landmark MacCrate Report set the current course for legal education. Bob was a visionary who not only was keenly interested in legal education but made a substantial contribution to the learning of skills and values as well as knowledge offered through legal education programs nationwide.” Continue reading

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Greenpoint’s Traveling Boutique Will Now Open Shop in June!

Clotilde-WalkTheWest-GreenpointLike an old friend you might see once in a blue moon, Walk the West is Greenpoint’s traveling boutique that comes bearing goods and stories, often unexpected and unannounced. Continue reading

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Weekend Music: Heavy Drama Zone (5/6 – 5/8)

According to the New York tabloids, this week Anna Wintour had her celebrity-filled Met Gala. This year’s theme was technology.

Of course, as befitting Wintour, the show had a more formal title, Manus x Machina. For spins and giggles say that three times stoned.

Claire Danes at the Met Gala.

I have no problem with Ms. Wintour, a classically trained journalist, or decadence in general. Even better than no problem, I love them both.

Which is why I’m piss stinking mad that every single celebrity down to the number showed up in something that had nothing to do with the theme. Except Claire Danes, who was radiant in her fiber-optic getup.

This weekend’s music picks highlights musicians who actually know how to do costume drama right. There’s a Prince music video dance memoriam at Rough Trade, trucker country and rockabilly at Skinny Dennis, and a rapping female version of Michael Quattlebaum Jr. at Good Room. Continue reading

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