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Watching Williamsburg: Badass Local Street Style, Episode 2

All photos by Johnny Cirillo

Well, Williamsburg residents are at it again. They’re busy looking damn cool and stylish. And, now it’s time for Episode 2 – a fresh batch of totally fresh outfit inspiration from our photographer, Johnny Cirillo.

Check out these end-of-February looks to get you through the rest of winter. We will. Click through for our faves.
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Watching Greenpoint: Badass Local Street Style

All photos by Johnny Cirillo
All photos by Johnny Cirillo

There are a few things we know for certain: Greenpoint residents have some top notch style. Creative, dynamic, casual, cool, understated, enigimatic – our local denizens know how to dress. Photographer Johnny Cirillo snapped some stylish Greenpointers out and about and it reminded us that yes, you can look damn good in such cold weather.

Need some major fashion inspiration to get you through this winter? Click through for our favorite looks. (And, follow our sartorial photographer, Johnny, on Instagram.)

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Labor-Less: Coffee.Street.Style – Greenpoint


On Labor Day, the sun shone, the clouds showed, and then the showers – showered.  None of which hindered the style of coffee shop goers. On a stroll along Manhattan Avenue, a vibe of ease and labor-less street style was easily identifiable. From sitting solo in a rock easy chair alfresco or huddle for an up-close-and-personal – this was coffee street style on a labor-less Monday.

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Greenpoint Designer: Alexandra Weiss

Dress: Alexandra Weiss

7:30am on the G train is no fun. I barely rolled out of bed and somehow managed to put on clothes. My hair is still a mess but I don’t have time to fix it. Must catch train now!

My journey to Manhattan takes me on a race with my fellow Greenpointers. I have until Court Square to  browse for cute guys and chic gals. It is sometimes just a detail that catches my eye: neon laces, vintage sunglasses or nail art.

I start making up a story about them, asking myself: Where is he from? Where does she work? Why those shoes? And most importantly: Does that cutie have a girlfriend?

I am very curious about my neighbors and I’m guessing you are too. I would like to introduce you to one of the people who make my list of ‘über awesome Greenpointers.’

Alexandra Weiss is a native from Pennsylvania (Scranton, actually). She is a fashion designer and grew up with a true passion for drawing and creating. Her own designs are multifunctional tank shirts and dresses which are made of silk with a lace insert on the side. The shirts and dresses have both front and back pleats which are really flattering to any body type. The shoulder straps are adjustable-as they can be tied to any desirable height or style (across neck and waist). Really cute!  Continue reading

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Before I went out I grabbed one of my big wrap scarves  (totally didn’t need it!) But what can I say?  I luv me layers! And then I discovered delightfully-layered Satoko. (not to mention a sweet hat AND a motorcycle helmet)  Here’s what we chatted about:

L: What do you do?
S: Buyer
L: How long have you lived in greenpoint?
S: 3 yrs (I left once but I came back!)
L: What’s your favorite thing about Greenpoint?
S: Going to ASH box. (I’m going to have a breakfast there almost every day.)
L: Where are you from?
L: What’re you wearing today?
S: Hat : Rada and J Crew
Sunglass : Tsubi
Shawl : mother
Pouch : Unsqueaky (my favorite Japanese brand)
Ring : Satomikawakita
Shoes : Converse
L: What’s your favorite piece to wear nowadays?
S: Satomikawakita’s jewelry
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As the weather inevitably changes, Anna shows us how to deal with the elements.

L: What do you do for work?
A: I’m a manager. I’m relatively new to NY.

L: Do you live in greenpoint ? For how long?
A: Now I live in Greenpoint 2 months. I like this place.

L: What’s your favorite thing about greenpoint?
A: I’m inspired by everyday things usually…people on the street, scents, photographs, etc.
Like seeing the beauty in the mundane. I am a big fan of modern art and I am a fan of old things. I like flea markets.

L: Where are you from?
A: I am basically from Italy. I should take a test (TOEFL). As I would like to enter the school of visual arts. I like this place.

L: What’s your favorite piece to wear nowadays?
A: Lancel is my fave bag brand.I like serafini sneakers, gravati moccasins. I like Patrizia Pepe, Harris Tweed.

L: What are you wearing today?
A: Today I have a jacket from The British Millerain Co. I hope you understood my English.

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Spring was in the air…wait, it’s mid-October!  I would enjoy it while it lasted…if you’ve lived here long enough you know things change fast, like style! It was Saturday and I didn’t know what to wear.  Looking out my window it was beautiful. I checked my mac’s dashboard – beautiful. Really?  Could I trust this?  Would I make it to evening with a little top and bare legs if I didn’t come home to change?  I left.

I met Viva on the street…she was looking like she had some major spring fever!

L: Hi Viva! What do you do?
V: Filmmaker/dancer, vocalist in The Crystal Ark (w Gavin Russom) and partner to Desi Santiago in perf art/house music duo Escandalo.

L: What’s your favorite thing about Greenpoint?
V: Polish people, bicycles, midnight sun recording studio (where we are rehearsing- home of Jessica 6 and Midnight Magic)

L: Where are you from?
V: Ecuador and Jamaica Queens: Ecua-Yorker? EquaYorquina

L: What are you wearing today?
V: Something I picked up in a 2 euro bin in Berlin secondhand store when I was touring with Big Art Group. Easy breezy with some color and flowers, I like.

L: What’s your favorite piece to wear nowadays?
V: 3 things: a copper jaguar ring gifted to me by the brilliant Stanley Love (choreographer and witch), gold Jesus name plate for father spirit connection, and number one thing is my dad’s gold ring with incan designs for the love connection to roots of all kinds.
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