Dress: Alexandra Weiss

7:30am on the G train is no fun. I barely rolled out of bed and somehow managed to put on clothes. My hair is still a mess but I don’t have time to fix it. Must catch train now!

My journey to Manhattan takes me on a race with my fellow Greenpointers. I have until Court Square to  browse for cute guys and chic gals. It is sometimes just a detail that catches my eye: neon laces, vintage sunglasses or nail art.

I start making up a story about them, asking myself: Where is he from? Where does she work? Why those shoes? And most importantly: Does that cutie have a girlfriend?

I am very curious about my neighbors and I’m guessing you are too. I would like to introduce you to one of the people who make my list of ‘über awesome Greenpointers.’

Alexandra Weiss is a native from Pennsylvania (Scranton, actually). She is a fashion designer and grew up with a true passion for drawing and creating. Her own designs are multifunctional tank shirts and dresses which are made of silk with a lace insert on the side. The shirts and dresses have both front and back pleats which are really flattering to any body type. The shoulder straps are adjustable-as they can be tied to any desirable height or style (across neck and waist). Really cute! 


Allie appreciates many different designers like Alexander MxQueen, who she calls one of the “smart designers,” a true artist not trying to create “something cute.” She mentions Vivienne Westwood for her exceptional draping skills and loves Alice + Olivia for her everyday choice of fashion.

And while fashion and style are so interrelated how can we not talk about shopping and famous people?

GP: Which celebrities have the best style? or worst style?

A: I would say right now tops for me is Blake Lively-I don’t know if it’s her stylist who’s the genius or if she is just picking up a lot of pointers from Gossip Girl, but everything she puts on is golden. I also have to admit that I’m kind of into Rihanna’s style right now. She makes bandeau bras and denim short shorts look effortless. I also believe she wears what most people wish they had the guts to wear and she just does it unapologetically. She’s like, “You can see my nipples, but they are amazing nipples, so deal with it.  And let me go smoke this blunt.”

GP: Favorite Fashion magazines and blogs?

A: I find myself most often reading W Magazine but I’ll often go into stores pick up a lot of the European ones that cost $75 dollars and reading them in the store. I mostly read fashion blogs these days-Refinery29 and Daily Candy are at the top as well as this one site called “these things take time”-which has a great mix of fashion, old photographs, food, Michael Jordan, and ladies behinds.

GP: What accessories are ‘must haves’ in every woman’s wardrobe?

A: This is a tough question. Accessories are usually an afterthought because I always dress around the clothes. I even let shoes fall by the wayside. That’s not to say I don’t love a nice bangle. However, I won’t leave my house without earrings. Usually small silver hoops-I can keep them in at the gym or I can go out in them. So I guess if I had to choose-a sensible pair of earrings that can be worn for any occasion.

GP: What are your favorite fashion boutiques in Greenpoint?

A: First of all I would like to say that I am still mourning the loss of Fred Flare. My roommate and I would always go shopping there while we waited for our laundry across the street. They had the cutest dresses and band-aids that looked like bacon. It was perfect. I really love all the stores along Franklin-most notably Dalaga and Old Hollywood. I love Dalaga for their great tops and dresses and Old Hollywood for their unique jewelry.

GP: Which designer would you associate with Greenpoint?

A: I would say Helmut Lang. I think the line always has a great balance of loosely draped and tightly fitted pieces that would look great with that American Apparel bandeau everyone in the area seems to have. I think the look has all Manhattanites saying-“Is she slutty or does she live in Greenpoint?”

If you want to find out more about Allie and her designs visit her website at http://shop.alexandraweissdesign.com/.

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