Before I went out I grabbed one of my big wrap scarves  (totally didn’t need it!) But what can I say?  I luv me layers! And then I discovered delightfully-layered Satoko. (not to mention a sweet hat AND a motorcycle helmet)  Here’s what we chatted about:

L: What do you do?
S: Buyer
L: How long have you lived in greenpoint?
S: 3 yrs (I left once but I came back!)
L: What’s your favorite thing about Greenpoint?
S: Going to ASH box. (I’m going to have a breakfast there almost every day.)
L: Where are you from?
L: What’re you wearing today?
S: Hat : Rada and J Crew
Sunglass : Tsubi
Shawl : mother
Pouch : Unsqueaky (my favorite Japanese brand)
Ring : Satomikawakita
Shoes : Converse
L: What’s your favorite piece to wear nowadays?
S: Satomikawakita’s jewelry

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