As the weather inevitably changes, Anna shows us how to deal with the elements.

L: What do you do for work?
A: I’m a manager. I’m relatively new to NY.

L: Do you live in greenpoint ? For how long?
A: Now I live in Greenpoint 2 months. I like this place.

L: What’s your favorite thing about greenpoint?
A: I’m inspired by everyday things usually…people on the street, scents, photographs, etc.
Like seeing the beauty in the mundane. I am a big fan of modern art and I am a fan of old things. I like flea markets.

L: Where are you from?
A: I am basically from Italy. I should take a test (TOEFL). As I would like to enter the school of visual arts. I like this place.


L: What’s your favorite piece to wear nowadays?
A: Lancel is my fave bag brand.I like serafini sneakers, gravati moccasins. I like Patrizia Pepe, Harris Tweed.

L: What are you wearing today?
A: Today I have a jacket from The British Millerain Co. I hope you understood my English.

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