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Find What’s Open in North Brooklyn With This Crowdsourced Map

Essentially Open map from North Brooklyn Neighbors, North Brooklyn Mutual Aid and BetaNYC.

The new map from North Brooklyn Neighbors showing business hours and the currently available services in the neighborhood has received an upgrade in a partnership with local organizations BetaNYC and North Brooklyn Mutual Aid.

An initial version of the Essentially Open map launched at the end of April in response to the coronavirus crisis and now lists more than 600 businesses and service providers in Greenpoint and Williamsburg including pharmacies, laundromats, grocery stores, and restaurants along with delivery and takeout details when available.

A team from all three organizations will keep the map updated as business hours change and there’s a link for anyone to submit edits and add listings.



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North Brooklyn Mutual Aid Grows to Over 500 Volunteers Since March

Courtesy of North Brooklyn Mutual Aid

North Brooklyn Mutual Aid formed in March as a community network of volunteers to help find and provide solutions to the many problems caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Spread out in 36 geographic “pods,” over 500 volunteers have signed up to help since March 12th, according to lead organizer and Greenpointer Kevin LaCherra.

“Populating the volunteer sheet is really is ‘A, number one,’ he said. “The larger the volunteer list we have, the better we’ll be able to respond to the different needs that come our way.” With immunocompromised people stuck inside during the pandemic, the group receives many requests for home deliveries.

“Most of those requests have been for groceries, cleaning supplies, somebody that needs someone to run errands” LaCherra said. A volunteer signup sheet on the mutual aid website asks for cross streets and the type of support volunteers can offer.

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