The Jetsons Hotel Mock-up for 55 Wythe Ave....the future is scary, guys.

Apparently people are jumping on the Wythe Hotel success bandwagon by building more hotels in the area, like this Jetsons-inspired hotel (I’m afraid) and (no joke) an Urban Cowboy bed and breakfast in Williamsburg…

Hyperallergic called Greenpoint Gallery Night a laid back antidote to Frieze. And the art world went crazy, in praise of Kara Walker’s Sugary Sphynx installation at the Domino Sugar Factory, which had lines down the block during its debut weekend. This might also be your only chance to read the word “vulva” in the New Yorker, so there’s that…

Speaking of Domino, the City Council just approved the 55 story  condos that will take its place on waterfront. Construction is expected to take begin in 6-8 years, so don’t hold your breath. Also if you haven’t heard, the buildings are shaped like demented legos

In real estate news, Brooklyn rents are still on the up and up for the 11th month in a row, with average rent settling at a whopping $3,206 in April, a 6.4% jump from last year.

And is there anything more “Brooklyn” than a wooden bike?


Last but not least, Budin was denied a liquor license for their backyard, due to concerns from neighbors. But they want you to know that they are a “classy establishment”!

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