Blog Buzz: 4/3/08

I am going away for a week and won’t be blogging cause, well, I’m going on vacation why would I want to blog?! But feel free to still email me […]

Green Is Good

I’m not one of those crazy eco-nuts but I do try and do my part. I recycle my beer bottles shut the water off while I brush my teeth and […]

Ironic Sale

Dalaga is celebrating Albert Einstein’s birthday with their “Because-you-are-brilliant-too SALE!”. Fabulous idea, me thinks. But, if you’re going to have a smarty pants sale one should double check their spelling […]

The New Brooklyn Label?

I passed by tonight and noticed a chalkboard read something to the effect of them having a new revamped menu coming soon and then tonight I get the comment below… […]

Jan & Aya

Last week I noticed a storefront at 99 Franklin Street and today I read on Elaine Perlov’s blog that it’s going to become Jan & Aya. She got a little […]

Hearts At The Diamond

SADIE HAWKINS DANCE, THURSDAY, 2/14, 9pm!!!Ladies, find yourself a man… or woman if you are gay and meet us in the basement for a Valentines Day Dance hosted by Mogollan… […]

Word + Words

Among the many upcoming cool things going on at Word, tomorrow night is their first Game Night kicking off with Scrabble! The first of WORD’s monthly (every third Tuesday) game […]