A month after their “super soft opening“, Le Gamin is in full function mode with giant printed menus, sun-lit dining area, beautifully blooming flowers, a chalkboard with drinks and a most friendly staff. I briefly met with Robert, owner of Le Gamin in all its past and present existences. The handful of times I’ve dined at this casual breezy french creperie I was consistently greeted with an awesome friendly staff and some savory deliciousness. If you try only one crepe in your life I highly recommend ordering the merguez and goat cheese crepe. The chewy, slightly spicy saltiness of the sausage combined with the creamy, tarty smoothness of the cheese wrapped in slightly crisped crepe is phenomenal. And considering I’ve be life-long obsessed with nutella, the sweet crepe with strawberries and bananas topped with whip cream is straight up off the hook.

I blame Le Gamin for my fascination with merguez, a spicy lamb sausage, and pictured above is the sandwich with dijon mustard and ratatouille with a side of salad. I’ll admit it was a bit too mustardy, especially as the salad too, was lathered in a mustard dressing. But the baguette was fresh and the meat oh so fulfilling.

I happily look forward to going back there over and over again, seeing how they’ll decorate their empty lemony walls and check out their full dinner menu.

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  1. Just a suggestion: when writing about restaurants, especially new ones, it'd be a good idea to include the address somewhere on the page. Sure, it could be found with a click-thru, but don't make us work that hard!

    (It's 108 Franklin Street, at the corner of Noble, for anyone else who didn't know.)

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