New York’s Grub Street has a first real look at Studio B’s rooftop garden bar and I gotta admit, the shit looks hot. And as a bonus, in this shot I can totally see hipsters will soon be falling from the sky out of those “windows”.

It looks gorgeous and you gotta at least give them props for getting the shit done while pretty much laughing in the face of the DOB, the FDNY, and the neighbors. Most of all, the neighbors.

When I worked as an expediter the attitude was get the work done, cause once the works done there’s not much the DOB can do to you. In all reality, they would have *never* gotten that shit done and approved by this Summer if they went the legal route. Never. Between waiting for all the bureaucratic agencies to get their ducks in a row and the “community” they would’ve more than likely have been ass out.

A commenter on the post says they were closed Saturday night… Not sure what that means – if anything.

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