There is no question that pizza newcomer Paulie Gee is humbled by how well he’s been received by the locals here in Greenpoint. He truly puts a lot of love into his pies and food. curated. was able to capture all the passion and pizza making magic right here:

Hope you stop by to support Paulie and taste it for yourself!

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  1. We tried this pizzeria on 4/30. Here's our honest review:

    The host and table service is mediocre, not friendly at all.

    It took one hour wait-time (from ordering time) to serve us two pizzas. Simply put — this is not acceptable. The restaurant was not too crowded, and a simple pizza should take much, much less to prepare and serve. Obviously, not pofessional at all.

    The pizza was undercooked — which means that they either rush them out, even though it takes them one hour to bring them to your table. OR — it means they really do not know how run a pizzeria on every level.

    The pizza is overpriced. You can easily find much better real napolitan-style pizzas (made by actual Napolitans) in Manhattan for less.

    Overall, the restaurant decor is yet another fake-nostalgia place like many others in the neighborhood. No need to list them. You will quickly make associations. Not original at all.

    CONCLUSION: We will never go back. And we will make sure our friends avoid it. Lucky us that Polish restaurants in the neighborhood maintain their integrity and commitment to serve very good food, reasonably priced. We'll stick to THAT Greenpoint…

  2. I can totally imagine the experience, I just stopped by to see the place and it just does not feel like the real thing at all!. I would not want a pizza for that price anyway and for me Greenpoint is a great neighborhood because of the old good places and the new affordable and friendly places that some people are opening. BUt I certainly think that the community should fight hard to avoid the danger that this great neighborhood has to become another fake hood for rich and hipster kids!.

    I've heard the service is terrible. Very unfriendly/unprofessional waiters that think they are Too Cool for School to greet people when they come into the restaurant…

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