Williamsburg Mural Depicts 2020’s Chaotic Headlines, So Far

A mural painted last week in Williamsburg on the choas of 2020.

President Donald Trump with devil horns holding the bible, an NYPD car in flames and a shackled American flag with a white power symbol are some of the interpreted 2020 headline moments depicted in a new hand-painted mural in Williamsburg that debuted last week.

The mural, entitled “2020 Now But Not Forever” is on Kent Avenue and Grand Street and is from Overall Murals. A description from the creators  next to the large-scale mural states:





The description of the new mural from Overall Murals.

Also painted in the mural are the Australian wildfires, a tribute to Kobe Bryant, cursory fireworks, sheep wearing masks (except for the black sheep) in response to coronavirus, healthcare heroes and Black Lives Matter.

“The circumstances we’re experiencing must be accepted as they are but as humans we innately feel the need to solve problems and implement change. And in today’s postmodern world, what can we do?,” Overall Murals wrote on social media promoting the work. Continue reading

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Meet Riley Goodside: The Man Behind the Mask, Goggles, Gloves and Glasses

Riley Goodside near McCarren Park (Image via Ben Weiss)

Riley Goodside, 33, woke up early on the brisk morning of March 15th and was “disgusted.”  

Just four days earlier, the World Health Organization had formally declared COVID-19 a pandemic, but many people in New York City were milling about maskless in the streets, seemingly unaware that 329 people had tested positive for the coronavirus in the city alone.

“I saw this perfect storm brewing,” he said in an interview with Greenpointers

While his fiancée was still sleeping, he slinked out of bed and donned his elastomeric respirator, slipped on black nitrile gloves and strapped on clear, indirect-vent goggles. He then trudged over to the northern entrance of McCarren Park, where a number of Sunday brunch-goers were enjoying what would be their last mimosas out for months.

In full regalia, he stood in quiet protest. A photographer then snapped a photo of him and the impromptu sign he was carrying made out of an Amazon delivery box. 


That photo inaugurated Goodside’s rise as the pandemic poster child of the city. His signature getup—part theater, part protection—has graced social media and accompanied articles published across the country, from Miami to Alaska. Goodside’s image traveled internationally, too, appearing in publications based in El Salvador and Tajikistan.

Before his post-apocalyptic garb earned him international recognition, Goodside, a programmer who specializes in machine learning, explained that his accumulation of a wardrobe of personal protective equipment (PPE) began as an experiment.  Continue reading

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Blue Hill’s ResourcED Program Adds Greenpoint Pickup Location

Blue Hill’s produce box is full of seasonal bounty grown in the Hudson Valley

There’s no need to leave the city, or even the neighborhood, to pick up Blue Hill Farm’s sought-after food boxes. To offset potential food waste during the pandemic, the Tarrytown-based farm, agricultural center, and in normal times, highly acclaimed Stone Barns restaurant has been vending farm boxes for pre-order and pickup at its Westchester campus and Manhattan restaurant since the early days of the pandemic.

Now, Blue Hill is expanding its pickup area to include Greenpoint, Carroll Gardens and The Hamptons, as part of its ongoing resourcED food box program.

Greenpoint customers can pay a $10 delivery fee to pre-book a time slot on Sundays via Tock, when the ordered items will be available for pickup at 132 Franklin Street (the former location of a laundromat).

Blue Hill’s Greenpoint menu includes packages of farm-fresh Hudson Valley produce, organic eggs, a salad kit, chicken and turmeric broth, whole wheat bread, dairy products and beverages like wine, cocktails and Blue Hill’s kombucha. Continue reading

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Garbage Is Piling Up in Transmitter Park and Neighbors Have a Clean Up Plan

Transmitter Park has a trash problem neighbors say. (Image courtesy of Christina Emilie)

Trash spilling out of Transmitter Park garbage cans and piling up on Greenpoint streets is not only bad for the environment it’s an eyesore that degrades the quality of life, according to Greenpoint-based fashion photographer Christina Emilie, who is organizing a volunteer cleanup in the neighborhood this weekend.

“Litter is something I’ve always acknowledged and felt strongly about. I’ve always been passionate about the environment,” she said.

After noticing an increase in the amount of litter during spring as more people emerged from coronavirus quarantine, Emilie says that she turned her frustrations into action.

(Image via Christina Emilie)

“Just the last few months, with everything escalating, I finally hit a breaking point where I knew I needed to step outside of my walls and start making changes in my neighborhood,” Emilie said.

Near the end of May, she incorporated solo trash cleanups into her daily routine while sharing her Transmitter Park cleanup progress through Instagram photos, gaining the attention of like-minded neighbors who asked if they could join.

“Right away I knew I needed to to see how I could organize something and to continue to relay this message of why I initiated picking up trash in the first place,” Emilie says.

Viewing the world through a camera lens in her professional life, Emilie says that there’s a simple beauty to cherish in everyday surroundings, and that the volunteer cleanup initiative helps to bring out the best in people during an otherwise stressful and isolated time for humanity.

McGolrick Park is also experiencing a garbage can overflow problem, especially on weekends, and residents nearby requested Emilie organize a similar cleanup there. Continue reading

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Skyline Drive-in Ticket Sales Launch With Movies Scheduled Through July

Skyline Drive-in (1 Oak St.) is open on the Greenpoint waterfront. (Image via @kylemartino)

Skyline Drive-In NYC  (1 oak St.), Greenpoint’s new East River waterfront drive-in cinema has launched ticket sales for screenings of movies scheduled through July 2nd.

The drive-in held a test-run at the end of May and is now open to the public. Screenings through Sunday include “Footloose” (6/17), “Dreamgirls” (6/18), “Anchorman” (6/19), “Grease” (6/20) and “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom” (6/21).

Continue reading

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Xi’an Famous Foods and Fox and Fawn Are Latest Greenpoint Closures

Xi’an Famous Foods in Greenpoint will not reopen.

The New York City western Chinese chain Xi’an Famous Foods (648 Manhattan Ave.) and local vintage store Fox and Fawn (599 Manhattan Ave.) are the latest closures in Greenpoint as a result of the coronavirus crisis.

A note from the CEO on the front of Xi’an Famous Foods in Greenpoint.

Greenpoint’s Xi’an Famous Foods closed on March 14th following the initial coronavirus outbreak, and a note on the website states that by closing the business took “immediate precautionary measures against the spread of COVID-19,” in order to protect employees and customers.

The local family-owned chain has 13 other locations in Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn, and a note posted on the front of the Greenpoint shop states that the restaurant is permanently closed, but to keep an eye out for the reopening of the other locations.

Fox and Fawn relocated from 570 Manhattan Ave. to a new space at 599 Manhattan Ave. in Februrary, but the new location is closing following a few “devastating months” as retail continues to takes a major hit while the economy slows due to coronavirus. Continue reading

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Restaurants Selling Groceries This Summer in Greenpoint and Williamsburg

Glasserie in Greenpoint offers a selection of groceries to order for pickup or delivery. (Image courtesy of Glasserie)

Restaurant takeout may have bounced back from the grim days of early March when ordering a pizza could feel like putting someone’s life on the line, but existing solely on meals emerging from plastic containers is probably not the best idea.

Groceries have become more of a necessity in New Yorkers’ lives in recent months, and thanks to our pandemic-conditioned brains, it will probably be a long, long time before those of us who are privileged to be able to fill our fridge and cabinets on the regular feel comfortable seeing a little empty space in there.

As you continue to stock up, consider shopping at these local restaurants selling provisions, dried goods, homemade condiments and more to add some local flavor to your home kitchen, all while supporting neighborhood businesses:


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A post shared by _oxomoco_ (@_oxomoco_) on

Oxomoco (128 Greenpoint Ave.)

If you can’t stretch that stimulus check to cover endless orders of Oxomoco’s excellent $18 burritos, try your hand at Oaxacan-style Mexican cuisine at home. Oxomoco is selling heirloom masa to make your own tortillas with ($10/pound), as well as homemade tortilla chips ($4), tortillas ($5 for three) and four types of salsa ($5 for 4 oz bottle). Continue reading

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Misi Returns to Williamsburg, With a Takeout Twist

Misi Pasta’s mezze rigatoni with 30 clove pomodoro

Chef Missy Robbins’ perpetually packed Italian restaurants, Misi (329 Kent Ave.) and Lilia (567 Union Ave.), haven’t opened their doors since New York paused in early March, much to pasta-lovers’ disappointment. But after a months-long break and an extended delicious Instagram tease, North Brooklyn’s favorite garlicky rigatoni is back in a new way.

A new project from Grovehouse Hospitality, the restaurant group to which Lilia and Misi belong, MP New York, will sell pasta kits along with specialty Italian provisions, for shoppers to cook Robbins-esque feasts at home. All profits from this initiative earned in June will be donated to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund.

MP New York’s online shop is split into three categories: Misi Pasta, which vends restaurant-style meal kits of homemade pasta and its accompanying sauce; MP Grocery,  which will vend Robbins’ “favorite pantry items” like Calabrian chilies, extra virgin olive oil, vinegars and Parmigiano Reggiano, as well as a garden box with seasonal vegetables, herbs, poultry seafood and fresh ricotta; and MP specialties, which will be prepared foods. Grocery packages will be curated by Robbins and not customizable. Continue reading

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Brooklyn Community Board Considers Suspending Its 2020 Election Over Pandemic Disruptions, Sparking Backlash

` Brooklyn’s Community Board 1, with notorious SUV outside. Claudia Irizarry Aponte/THE CITY

A Brooklyn community board that approved spending $26,000 in public funds to buy an SUV is considering skipping a required election, allowing its leaders to hold on to power for another year.

Brooklyn Community Board 1, which represents Williamsburg and Greenpoint, was slated under its bylaws to hold internal elections this month for its executive committee, including its chairperson and financial secretary.

But a board member has introduced a measure to cancel the vote, pushing it off until June 2021 — arguing that conducting a virtual election during the coronavirus shutdown would be too complicated.

Last month’s general board meeting, where nominations would have normally taken place, was cancelled.

“If there’s a group that wants to run they should say, ‘We have a group that wants to run and we want to have an election,’” said board member Jan Peterson, who is a member of CB1’s Bylaws Committee and introduced the proposal that would cancel this year’s election. “And that’s it. But they won’t say it out loud if there is one.” Continue reading

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Greenpoint and Williamsburg Protestors Demand Mayor de Blasio Defund the NYPD

Protestors in Greenpoint and Williamsburg on Sunday (Image via Ben Weiss)

Thousands of protestors marched Sunday evening from McCarren Park to South Williamsburg in a protest marked not by silence but by full-throated demands to defund the New York City Police Department.

The march’s destination was a street in Williamsburg where City Council Speaker Corey Johnson was rumored to be staying during the pandemic with his “sweetheart,” explained Sandy Nurse, former candidate for City Council in District 37 and community organizer.

“The speaker needs to put into motion plans to make cuts to the [NYPD’s] budget,“ said Nurse, who was a part of a loose, black-led coalition that organized the march, in a phone call. “We wanted to take it to him personally.”

Image via Ben Weiss

The protest, which organizers called the “Defund the Police Party,” came on the heels of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s announcement earlier that day that he would cut the police department’s funding. He declined to specify how much of its annual $6 billion budget he would slash. Continue reading

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