Don’t Hibernate this Winter, Become a Beast Instead

Beastanetics, the high-intensity interval training program, which has
become the darling of McCarren Park during the warmer months, will
return to [email protected] (31 Nassau Avenue bet Guernsey & Dobbin) this
winter with classes taking place on Wed & Fri at 6:45am and 8am.
Beastanetics can help you improve your stamina, strength, power,
balance, and overall conditioning, while boosting metabolism and fat
loss. On Yelp, Beastanetics has a perfect average rating of 5 stars.

Session 1 runs from 12/3-1/23 and Session II from 1/28 to 3/20. Space
is very limited so don’t delay. The fee for the 8-week session (16
classes) is $160. A limited number of drop-in slots will be available
at $17 per class. [email protected] is a beautifully appointed fitness studio
in Greenpoint.

For more information visit or email [email protected].

To register:

Sponsored post courtesy of Beastanetics.

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Vote for Tim! Local Fitness Celebrity!

Punk Rope's Tim Haft

Earlier this year – you voted for local fitness celebrity Tim Haft – in the internet’s fitness trainer popularity contest called Fit or Flop.

And because of all those votes – Tim is in it to win it!

He updated us on where he stands in the contest:

After 8 rounds of competitions there were 16 competitors left. I was one of them. Then the judges “voted off” another 6. So now we’re down to 10 and I’m still alive…I think that what I (and Punk Rope) represent – good health, fitness, play, and most important of all, community – are traits worth getting behind.

There are only 9 days left, so go ahead and vote for Tim Haft so he can get into the internet fitness star online hall of fame!

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Beastanetics Boot Camp: the Muffin Top/ Beer Gut Antidote


Spring is here (we promise) and since it’s finally going to get warmer, it’s time to maximize outdoor time. Same goes for working out, which is just one of the reasons why Beastanetics is so great. We happen to live next to a pretty sweet track and field and it’s time to take advantage! We’re talking FRESH AIR, people. Remember what that feels like?

Beastanetics is a 6-week, 12-session program run entirely in McCarren Park, and rest assured, it will have you looking positively fierce by Summer. Led by Tim Haft and his knowledgeable, supportive, and welcoming staff, the intro training sesh is a steal at $144 (includes all 12 sessions). That’s cheaper than an indoor gym membership where you’ll wait an hour to run on a treadmill in a sweaty florescent box (can you tell how much I love gyms?).

The next session begins Monday, April 14 and Greenpointers has teamed up with Beastanetics to give first-time students 10% off the registration fee with code FIRSTTIMEBEAST. Virgin Beasts can also try a one-time free trial; drop-in classes (space permitting) are $15.  Register here!  Continue reading

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Will Punk Rope’s Tim Haft – Fit or Flop? Vote!

Punk Rope's Tim Haft

You may know Tim Haft from Punk Rope at the Greenpoint YMCA or early morning butt kickings at Beastanetics in McGolrick Park. Now Greenpoint’s favorite fitness guru is a competitor on a web based reality show call Fit or Flop. Will he be “American’s Next Fitness Star”? You decide!

With just one week to go in the voting you can help Tim get to the next
round. (You can actually vote for him once every 24 hours thru 3/31.) Continue reading

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Discover Your Inner Beast at Beastanetics Boot Camp (Discount!)

Classes Begin Monday April 1 at the McCarren Park Soccer Field

Rated 5 stars on Yelp, Beastanetics utilizes strategically selected high-intensity, body-weight exercises to incinerate fat, boost metabolism, and improve stamina, strength, agility, speed, power, and overall athleticism.

Head Beasts, Tim Haft and Shana Brady, hold multiple, national fitness certifications, and have been professional butt kickers for more than 20 years. They will do everything in their power—and then some—to make you feel safe, supported, and welcome.

Monday through Thursday 6:45am, 8am, 9:15am

6-week, 12-session program: $120
Single class: $15
One-time free trial class for virgin Beasts

Save 20% off registration fee by using code: GREENPOINTERS
at check out.


Visit, email tim (AT), or call 646-654-0668.

Sponsored Post Courtesy of Beastanetics.

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Pull-Ups, Ass Burn & Hero Running with Tim Haft from Beastanetics

modified chin up
Tim Doing Modified Pull-Ups Like a Beast!

Tim Haft, owner/trainer of Beastanetics and Punk Rope gave me a personal training consultation at McCarren Park and now I have some new pull-up techniques, serious ass burn (in a good way) and a new attitude toward running!

Before we met, Tim asked me to tell him my fitness goals:

“My fitness goal are:

1. lose 10lb, because I gained 10lb.
2. Not eat like a fat freak, because I do that.
3. Tone up my butt and thighs.

I am happy with everything else!

I run a few times a week, weight train and ride my bike like 15-20 miles per week. And somehow I still managed to gain 10lb!” Continue reading

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Beastanetics: Twice The Results; Half The Time

These days, there’s no shortage of articles extolling the benefits of high-intensity interval training (HIIT for short), an exercise approach that alternates short periods of intense work with brief periods of rest. Its purported aim: to maximize fitness benefits in a minimal amount of time. Turns out the evidence seems to back this up: a recent NY Times feature highlights just one of many studies affirming that massive fitness gains are possible with short bouts of strenuous exercise. There goes that “I don’t have enough time to exercise” excuse.

Squat Jumps!
The Beasts circle up for that ancient ritual: the Squat Jump Circle

A group of folks who meet in Williamsburg twice a week don’t need any scientific studies to convince them that interval training works. On Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 8 o’clock sharp, a group of “Beasts” gather in McCarren Park to willingly undergo a form of grueling exercise torment known as Beastanetics Boot Camp. Based on the Tabata protocol (a famous 1996 study and one of the first to definitively prove the benefits of High-intensity interval training), Beastanetics is led by Tim Haft, a fitness instructor who developed the regimen in 2010 after months of testing and experimenting. Not your typical boot camp drill sergeant, Tim is genial, supportive, and encouraging, and has a way of pushing his students to work hard without being intimidating in the least. Twenty second “work” intervals are divided by ever-decreasing “recovery” intervals, so the workouts never get easy.

Continue reading

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Summer Beastanetics

Tim Haft, the guy behind Punk Rope at the Greenpoint YMCA kicks off his summer Beastanetics program today. Details below:

BEASTANETICS IS… a high-intensity, back-to-basics, no-nonsense, conditioning system consisting of a wide variety of challenging body weight exercises.

Beastanetics burns lots of fat and leads to increased metabolism, stamina, strength, and power.

LOCATION: McCarren Park soccer field in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Meet on the field in front of the jungle gym (approximately Lorimer bet Driggs & Bayard).

Tues session: 7/12-8/23 | 7 classes | 8am-8:55am
Wed session: 7/13-8/24 | 7 classes | 8am-8:55am
Thur session: 7/14-8/25 | 7 classes | 8am-8:55am

$77 per 7 class session



Email Tim Haft at [email protected] or call 646-654-0668

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