Spring is here (we promise) and since it’s finally going to get warmer, it’s time to maximize outdoor time. Same goes for working out, which is just one of the reasons why Beastanetics is so great. We happen to live next to a pretty sweet track and field and it’s time to take advantage! We’re talking FRESH AIR, people. Remember what that feels like?

Beastanetics is a 6-week, 12-session program run entirely in McCarren Park, and rest assured, it will have you looking positively fierce by Summer. Led by Tim Haft and his knowledgeable, supportive, and welcoming staff, the intro training sesh is a steal at $144 (includes all 12 sessions). That’s cheaper than an indoor gym membership where you’ll wait an hour to run on a treadmill in a sweaty florescent box (can you tell how much I love gyms?).

The next session begins Monday, April 14 and Greenpointers has teamed up with Beastanetics to give first-time students 10% off the registration fee with code FIRSTTIMEBEAST. Virgin Beasts can also try a one-time free trial; drop-in classes (space permitting) are $15.  Register here! 

Beastanetics improves stamina, strength, power, agility, speed, and
mental toughness by utilizing a wide array of functional, triplanar,
body weight exercises. Beginner classes are available (on Tue & Thur
at 8am and 9:15am)
for those who are new to interval training or who
are returning to exercise after a long absence.


The vibe is friendly and supportive so don’t be surprised if your
neighbor (and instructor) high fives you after a grueling drill.

Currently, classes take place on the soccer field at McCarren Park on Mondays and Wednesdays at 8am and 9:15am and on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:45am, 8am, and 9:15am, however more times and locations may be added soon, if you ever want to jump in and try it out.

If you don’t take our word for it, check out their rave reviews on Yelp as well as these neighborhood testimonials.

For more information, visit www.beastanetics.com, email
tim [at] beastanetics [dot] com, or call 646-654-0668.

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