North Brooklyn Boat Club

North-Brooklyn-Boat-Club_Main-Logo_180The North Brooklyn Boat Club is a non-profit (501c3), volunteer-run, community organization dedicated to getting people on the water safely, responsibly and with a sense of stewardship for the ecology of our waterways. Our location at the Broadway Stages Boatyard on the Newtown Creek is the base for our programs in kayaking, canoeing, nautical crafts, boat-building and environmental education. Adventurers head out from the boatyard on expeditions to distant waterways and fearless rollers have established our new kayak polo team. When the weather is foul, we have workshops in open-fire cooking, gather around our double-barreled wood stove for nautical knitting, a book club, chess and nautically-themed movie screenings. NBBC supplies the boats, safety gear and training to help anyone learn how to become an “official” paddler with independent access to our fleet of kayaks and canoes. Members have access to our cabin and boats up at Lake Sebago in Harriman State Park, and we offer free paddling to the public at least once a month during the season, May-November.

Membership is easy and open to everyone:

437 McGuinness Blvd
Brooklyn, NY 11222


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