Nicholas Heavican has been a Williamsburg local since 2004, but if he did not stumble upon a bakery in Reykjavik, North Brooklyn might not be home to some of the city’s best croissants. 

Heavican enjoyed baking as a hobby, but made a living as a photographer in New York for 18 years. While on vacation with his family in Reykjavik, Heavican fell in love with the bread at a local bakery and ended up interning there for three months. 

Heavican brought his newfound knowledge back home to Williamsburg, and in 2018, Heavican opened Nick + Sons Bakery at 205 Leonard Street. His pastries were so popular that Nick + Sons was able to expand in 2021, opening an outpost in southern New Jersey. 

Now, Nick + Sons Bakery is opening a third location, back home in Brooklyn at 892 Lorimer Street, across from McCarren Park.

This newest outpost soft opened today, June 21, at 7:30 a.m. Heavican is aiming to officially open on Tuesday, June 25, with a full coffee bar that he is finalizing over the coming days.

“I looked for a new space for over 2 years before finding this location,” Heavican told Greenpointers, noting that it took over a year to work through red tape.

Heavican is not planning a lot of fanfare for the opening of his third bakery. “I am really focused on product and my team culture as we add staff,” he told Greenpointers.

A croissant from Nick + Sons Bakery. Photo: Nick + Sons’ Instagram

The Infatuation named Nick + Sons’ croissants as one of the best in the city (alongside Radio Bakery) which is evident as the bakery tends to have lines out the door and sell out of pastries quickly (also like Radio Bakery).

Nick + Sons is mostly known for the buttery croissants, but also sells a mouthwatering selection of biscuits, buns, baguettes, cookies and varieties of loaves. 

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