Greenpoint’s newest wine bar, Bouquet (1073 Manhattan Ave.), has opened in the former home of Lobster Joint, which closed after serving the neighborhood New England-inspired seafood for 13 years.

The bar area at Bouquet. Photo: @sakraficenyc

Bouquet’s grand opening was last Wednesday, June 12, and Bouquet’s owner, Eric Molnar, told Greenpointers thatthe neighborhood response has been superb.”

Molnar is a New York native and current Greenpoint resident. He describes Bouquet as “a neighborhood spot specializing in low-intervention wine, comfort food, and seasonal plates.”

Bouquet’s chicken schnitzel. Photo: @sakraficenyc

Molnar named the bar and bistro after the wine term that refers to an assortment of aromatic notes created during winemaking and storage or the scent of an aged wine. 

“Our ethos is to provide well-curated wine, cuisine, and music through warm hospitality,” Molnar said.

Bouquet’s backyard, dotted with picnic tables and umbrellas. Photo: @sakraficenyc

Bouquet offers a relaxed atmosphere and includes a backyard, which made Lobster Joint so popular in the summer months. The newcomer follows a casual counter and bar service model and does not typically take reservations, but patrons can reserve tables for big groups by either emailing or messaging Bouquet on Instagram.

The Bouquet Burger. Photo: @sakraficenyc

Some of Molnar’s favorite food menu items are the chicken schnitzel plate, the lamb skewers, and the tahini kale caesar salad, plus the Bouquet Burger, which is a smashburger with special sauce.

Bouquet is open Wednesday through Friday 5 p.m. – 11 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday 2 p.m. – 11 p.m.

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  1. Gee another wine bar. Greenpoint is in dire need of them. Seems like there is one on every block only outranked by illegal pot stores.

    The Lobster Joint brought something Greenpoint never had, a seafood restaurant especially lobster. Before that the only lobster one could find here was a dead one in Newtown Creek.

    It had other great dishes especially their lobster role and liquini in white clam sauce.

    It started to get pricey due to no fault of their own, just how expensive everything is.

    It will be missed. Good luck to the staff and mgt.

    1. Greenpoint Fish & Lobster is one of the best seafood restaurants in the city?

      There are almost no bars, and certainly no wine bars at the northern end of Manhattan. I’m guessing you don’t live in that part of the neighborhood, because a lot of my neighbors are really excited about this place. I’ve been, it’s fantastic.

      Also, not to drag Lobster Joint, but their food was not. The lobster roll was maybe the worst I’ve ever had.

    2. Lobster Joint might have been an institution, but not for the reasons you mention. The food was terrible – gave it two tries and gave up. This new wine bar, bouquet, is a major improvement to the space, and actually provides a truly cool, low key and (key word) NICE crowd to the immediate area. I knew/know both places intimately – your comments are just a bunch of puffery towards the last place, which was never managed very well. I welcome the new spot into my living room (basically)!

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