Esse Taco (219 Bedford Ave.) is opening today, May 2, in Williamsburg. The Mexico City-style taqueria is the the latest addition to the Casamata hospitality group. The opening of Esse Taco marks Casamata’s first fast-casual concept on the East Coast and their first foray into Brooklyn.

A variety of tacos from Esse Taco. Photo: Natalie Black

Casamata was founded by Chef Enrique Olvera and is behind Mexico City’s Pujol and Manhattan’s Cosme, which are both on the list of the World’s 100 Best Restaurants. Cosme is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year, while Pujol celebrates its twenty fifth. 

Esse Taco is Chef Olvera’s latest project. He owns the taqueria with Santiago Pérez, the chief executive of the Casamata group.

The process of making Esse Taco’s homemade tortillas. Photo: Natalie Black

Chef Olvera’s menu at Esse Taco is focused on simple and authentic Mexico City-style style tacos with classic fillings including ribeye, chicken, and al pastor pork, plus a mushroom option. One thing that stands out is that the meat is served as a single cut instead of chopped up as you normally find with tacos. 

The fillings are served in heirloom corn tortillas made daily in-house from nixtamalized masa. Casamata favorites like pineapple butter from Pujol and a corn husk sundae, a nod to the corn husk meringue at Cosme, also make an appearance. 


The beverage menu includes a small selection of drinks like classic and mezcal margaritas, micheladas, aguas frescas and sueros. 

The corn husk sundae at Esse Taco. Photo: Natalie Black

An open kitchen anchors Esse Taco’s bright, casual space. There are no chairs, only stainless steel barrels for tables where customers can stand to eat their tacos on the spot.

Esse Taco is open Wednesday through Friday 5 p.m. – 10 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday noon – 11 p.m.

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  1. Another Taco place. Just like another coffee shop. As the Romans taught us give them bread and circuses. (The latter what the outrageous charges are).

    That’s ok, no harm done. The hipsters/gen z/ mills/ whatever you want to call them will outgrow it and look back in fond memories although how can we say this diplomatically they were ripped off.

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