If you’d like to sip your latte in an artsy environment, then North Brooklyn’s newest café is for you.

Café MSMN (150 Bayard St.), opened on the corner of Graham and Bayard Streets on November 18, in the monochromatically-designed home of Maison Mono, a studio offering tattoos, piercings, jewelry, and art exhibitions. 

The monochromatic interior of Café MSMN and Maison Mono. Photo: Café MSMN

The co-owners of the café and studio, Mona and Uno, are also tattoo artists. They explained that the minimalistic, industrial-chic space on the border of Greenpoint and Williamsburg has “two identities.” The first is the Maison Mono studio and the second is the MSMN coffeeshop, whose name stands for “muse, style, muse, and novelty,” and reflects the brand’s commitment to creativity.

“The café becomes a physical extension of the brand’s philosophy, emphasizing creativity, self-expression, and craftsmanship,” the pair told Greenpointers.

“Just as the studio is known for its bespoke tattoos and tailored piercing with unique jewelry pieces, the café offers the same attention to detail and artistic flair.”

A selection of artwork for sale at Maison Mono. Photo: Café MSMN

Café MSMN offers a tight menu of coffee beverages crafted using beans from Caffè Vita Coffee Roasting Company.

Menu options include espressos, americanos, cortados, cappuccinos, and lattes with the option to add vanilla or hazelnut. There are also chamomile, Darjeeling, and green teas, plus a hojicha latte. 

A window seat at Café MSMN. Photo: Café MSMN

Mona and Uno told Greenpointers that the addition of a coffeeshop “stems from a desire to create our studio as a multi-faceted cultural hub.”

“It’s not just about serving coffee or showcasing art; it’s about building a community space where people can converge, share ideas, and inspire each other,” the duo continued.

A front row seat to modern art at Maison Mono. Photo: Café MSMN

The space that houses Café MSMN and Maison Mono is available for small, private events and pop-ups after hours.

Café MSMN is open Monday to Saturday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sunday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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