Breeze (595 Manhattan Ave.) is a new restaurant in Greenpoint offering Sichuan cuisine in a cozy setting inspired by traditional Chinese teahouses.

Breeze is currently in the soft opening stage. On September 25, the newcomer opened its doors, but the restaurant is still working on finishing touches, including the website.

“We’re wholeheartedly committed to ensuring everything is perfected before our grand opening, which we’ve set a deadline for in one month,” Breeze’s owner Louie He told Greenpointers, adding that he hopes to be ready sooner.

The interior of Breeze. Photo: Louie He

Breeze’s menu of traditional Sichuan specialities is divided into four sections, starting with appetizers, followed by dim sum, entrees, and rice and noodle dishes.

The appetizer section includes Chinese favorites like bang bang chicken and pork dumplings in chili oil. There are a few vegetarian options like cucumbers in scallion sauce and pickled vegetables. The dim sum section offers traditional dishes like pork soup dumplings, pan-fried pork buns, vegetable potstickers, and scallion pancakes. 


The entree section features a variety of larger dishes. There is a whole tilapia for two, beef stew, stir-fried chicken, shredded beef, crab tofu, and spicy cumin lamb. The entree section also offer vegetarian options like tea tree mushrooms and snow pea shoots. The last section offers fried rice with shrimp, pork, or vegetables, and white rice. For dessert, guests can choose either ice jelly or rice wine soup.

A selection of Sichuan specialties on the menu at Breeze. Photo: Louie He

Breeze has a full bar and can currently offer many popular classic cocktails. The owner told Greenpointers that the team will “gradually introduce craft cocktails.”

“We’re focusing on the theme of tea, Sichuan, and Chinese elements in our cocktail creations,” Louie He said, “but for now, we’re offering classic cocktails only.”

The beverage menu also includes a list of spirits, wine by the glass, beer, soda, and, of course, tea. Guests can enjoy illustrations on the beverage menu that explain how to wordlessly request more tea from a server by placing the teacup lid leaning against the teacup plate.

Tea tree mushrooms, on the menu at Breeze. Photo: Louie He

The modern and minimalistic exterior of Breeze leads into a clean, yet warm atmosphere inside that was inspired by traditional teahouses in China’s Sichuan region, which are an integral part of Sichuan culture and daily life, Louie He explained. 

“We have incorporated common elements such as concrete floors and wooden furniture that you would typically find in Sichuan teahouses to make it more approachable,” he said. 

“Additionally, we have integrated many elements and traditions commonly seen in teahouses, including a desire to share tea culture and, in the future, a cocktail menu that combines tea and Chinese elements.”

Breeze is open Monday – Thursday noon to 3 p.m. for lunch and 4:30 – 9 p.m. for dinner, Friday and Saturday noon – 10:15 p.m, and Sunday noon – 9 p.m.

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