Soul Clap, Mack & Cheese Smack Down and Edible Landscaping — What’s Happening, Greenpoint? (3/14-3/20)

Anima Mundi Apothecary – WORKSHOP SERIES

Make Your Own Miso, March 15th @ Anima Mundi Apothecary (35 Noble Street) from 7pm-9pm Register here.
Covering the basic science behind making miso; both soy & non soy miso will be included.
Amazonian Plant Medicine, March 20th @ Anima Mundi Apothecary from 7pm-9pm Register here.
Taste healing Amazonian plant preparations, inhale the scent of traditional smudges & listen to icaros, traditional healing songs.

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# Global Tea Hut monthly gathering @ Puerh Brooklyn Tea Shop (174 Grand Street), 6pm, $5 suggested, Join our tea community for a relaxed gathering over tea. Open to all., More info
♦ The Simpsons Bingo @ Videology (308 Bedford Avenue), 6:45pm, FREE, It’s time for The Simpsons bingo! What better way to celebrate the longest running TV comedy of all time than with a good old ding-dong-diddily game of BINGO? Every Wednesday night we’ll be watching The Simpsons and playing BINGO. Watch for things like Duff beer, celebrity cameos, and the Itchy and Scratchy show. Listen for quotes like “D’oh!” “Eat my shorts!” and “Excellent…” Get a BINGO and you’ll win a free drink (or doughnut that makes you go “Mmmm”)! More info
♫ Crowbar Artificial Brain Extinction A.D Kings Destroy Sunro @Brooklyn Bazzar (150 Greenpoint Avenue), 8pm, $14, Buy Tix
♫ Easy @Union Pool (848 Union Avenue), 8pm, $10-12, More info


* Juggling Taxes for Freelancers @ The Muse (350 Moffat St.), 5:00pm, FREE, Are you self-employed? Do you receive 1099s? Do you file a Schedule C? Then this class is for you – Brooklyn Coop wants to help you SAVE on your taxes! RSVP
*# Edible Landscaping with Hortus Conclusus @ Lonard Library (81 Devoe St.), 6:30pm, FREE, With spring just around the corner, this edition of the Green Series features members from Hortus Conclusus, a Level II Arboretum, who teach us how to landscape our backyard garden using a rich diversity of edible fruiting plants from around the world, including the under-appreciated wild fruit from New York State’s native forest. RSVP
♫ Moon Tooth/Without Waves/Disparager/Juan Bond @ St. Vitus (1120 Manhattan Ave.), 7:00 pm, $10, Buy tix
♦ What is the Model City? @ UnionDocs (322 Union Avenue), 7:30pm, $10, Join architect and historian Susanne Schindler as she explains the origins, trajectory and legacies of the Great Society program launched in 1966, Buy tix
♫ Playing with Shadows: Drink and Draw @ Naive (299 South 4th Street), 8:30pm, $15, Joing us for a glass of wine, our relaxed, social vibe and two sessions with a semi-clothed model are all included in the price of the ticket. There won’t be an instructor, but a professional artist will be on hand to answer any questions you might have. You should bring your own supplies, but we will have pencils, printer paper and crayons on hand if you forget, More info
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Something’s Brewing On Ainslie Street at Kettl Tea

Zach Mangan preparing tea at Kettl’s shop. Photo by Aya Shogaki.

Kettl has been offering a wide variety of Japanese-sourced teas to customers around the globe since 2013. This leading purveyor of teas and ceramics has been offering North Brooklyn residents and visitors the experience of modern tea culture at its year-old outpost in Williamsburg. If you follow the narrow stairway above the Japanese restaurant Okonomi (150 Ainslie Street), you’ll find their small brick-and-mortar shop.

“Being above Okonomi is wonderful because they have such a strong pull of customers coming daily,” says Zach Mangan, the owner of Kettl. “People will often see the sign for Kettl and come upstairs. The brands are very alignedif you enjoy traditional Japanese breakfast and ramen, you are likely going to be interested in the ceramics and the tea at Kettl.

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Coffee & Tea Festival Caffeinates Greenpoint’s Brooklyn Expo Center

Toby’s Estate shots. All photos by Jessica Fejos.

Coffee isn’t just a hashtag on social media — it’s an outright online phenomenon (peep these analytics for coffee if you don’t believe us). With that many likes, The Coffee & Tea Festival at the Brooklyn Expo Center was a crowded event, featuring 60 exhibitors and drawing fans of both divinely-caffeinated beverages.

Australian companies were a significant presence at the event, with Williamsburg’s Toby’s Estate featuring the best coffee at the festival.  Continue reading

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Coffee and Tea Festival in Greenpoint this Weekend

tea_coffee_festival_greenpoint_karl_mischler Image by Karl Mischler

Coffee Drinker? Tea Sipper? Probably.

Well, depending on the extent of your hot beverage appreciation, you may wish to get along to the 10th Annual Coffee and Tea Festival which is being held at the Brooklyn Expo Center this weekend.

The event will hold over 80 stall-holders including Greenpoint’s own Cafe Grumpy and Miss Tea Organics, all offering tastings and info about their brand. Throughout the weekend there will also be seminars on subjects such as the oxidation effects of green tea, home brewing, tea blending, and cold brew coffee.

But if you do go near the Expo Center this weekend, lookout for dodgy sidewalk parking along Oak and Franklin Streets which, according to Brooklyn Paper, has started to be an issue.

The event runs 11.30pm-5pm Saturday and Sunday at The Brooklyn Expo Center, 79 Franklin Street.
Tickets are $25 can be purchased here or on the door.
A special ‘VIP’ ticket costs $35 and includes early entrance and a goody bag.

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Greenpoint Cheap Eats Diaries Volume 1: Peter Pan

Cheap Eats Destination Number One: Peter Pan Donuts

We love cheap food. And we don’t just mean your regular budget-friendly fare. We’re talking down and dirty, there’s-only-$12-left-in-your-bank-account cheap food.

Our mission is to find satisfying, delicious meals for under $5-$7 per person. Rosie and I are going to wade through this wasteland of small plates and $15 kale salads to bring you the very cheapest of the cheap. It’s no easy task, but we (and by we I mean me, Gina) are willing to try just about anything (keep an eye out for our White Burger post) in the name of broke-ness.

To kick things off we met for a power breakfast at Peter Pan, which we have deemed the best breakfast bang for your buck in, quite possibly, all of North Brooklyn. There, we said it. Continue reading

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Swimming Harmonies: Hanging In Fishdoctor’s Basement Studio

Left to right: Romano, Nico, Lindbloom, Romanelli // Charlene Chae ©

All of Fishdoctor‘s promo stuff paints them as sheepish gentlemen. Immediately upon arriving at the pop group’s South Williamsburg home, it’s apparent that promo stuff is an accurate mirror. Half a dozen tea options lay thoughtfully spread next to a kettle. Their melodic, easy pop music and inherent charm roll out a welcome mat. Then, just like that, you’re home.

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Recipe: Rhubarb Mint Tea

Rhubarb Mint Tea

Last week I picked up some rhubarb at the Greenmarket, even though, short of pie and jam, I have no idea what to do with the stuff. I bit into it like a stalk of celery and my face contorted like a pretzel and my eyes watered. It’s so bitter! I asked our facebook fans for help and Sharon recommended Rhubarb Tea. Of course, Ms. Martha had a recipe I referenced for proportions.

The tea turned out very tasty and refreshing. If you use honey, use wildflower; the buckwheat honey I added was too intense in flavor.

It’s so easy: Boil 8 C. of water and add 8 stalks of chopped rhubarb, plus (1/3 C.) sugar. Instead of sugar, I added honey. I recommend you taste as you go. Pour it through a strainer, then add some fresh mint and fresh limes. (and fresh rum with bitters…)

Bottom line: rhubarb is weird in texture (like stringy snot) and the flavor is strangely savory and bitter, so it needs sweetening up. I would definitely jam it, since the texture is perfect for jam.

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Tea Time: Bellocq

You know I’m an espresso girl, but when the leaves start to change colors and I’m bundled in a scarf, it’s time for tea. Seek and ye shall find. Great friend Miguel is visiting from Japan and the best part of his stays are our cozy morning tea ceremonies. I needed to get me some Earl Grey stat. But good Earl Grey. While getting a sneak preview of local artist Paul Duncan’s solo show at Allan Nederpelt Gallery, gallerist Beverly tipped me off to Bellocq. Its one of those places that you repeat: “Where?” Kent St and West.

© Anna Williams

Only open on Fridays and Saturdays Bellocq, “an artisan tea company and purveyor of evocative blends” is on the corner tucked into an industrial building on West. A plain white paper sign hangs on the door, but walk inside and enter another world, a calm candlelit respite where you can go on a spicy journey with your senses.

Photo © E.J. Bellocq

The name Bellocq interestingly comes from the New Orleans photographer of the same name, who created stunning portraits of prostitutes and “found beauty in places where others did not,” as Michael, one of three owners of Bellocq explains. After walking along the littered potholed streets of the industrial waterfront, I certainly found beauty in Bellocq.

Giant yellow tins line the walls with curious names like Little Dickens and Kikuya. You can stick your whole head in and take a whiff of some of the most brain stimulating aromas while learning about the hidden wonders inside.


Most tea blends are made with a cheap black tea base and flavored with artificial additives, the bergamot in Earl Grey being a big offender, Michael explained, but not at Bellocq. They master their craft with the best rule in the book, “quality over quantity” and the Earl Grey I took home was superb and smooth, made with “the finest quality organic full leaf ceylon black tea scented with natural Sicilian bergamot,” plus the most stunningly hued blue cornflowers were a feast for the eyes. Go figure, I travel all the way across McGuinness (practically the other side of the world) to find me some tea and it has some Sicilian in it!

Stay tuned: Bellocq will host weekly events to include music, food, lectures, workshops and art installations.

104 West St
Fridays & Saturdays (noon-7pm)

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