Brooklyn Charm is officially back in Brooklyn. After closing the chain’s original Williamsburg location in August 2020, owner Tracie Campbell ended up moving the company’s headquarters to California. But now, three years later, the jewelry store is open once again in its namesake borough.

“We’re back and don’t plan on going anywhere again,” Campbell said.

On June 24, Brooklyn Charm opened its doors at 616 Manhattan Avenue in Greenpoint. “We knew we wanted to stay in Brooklyn because it’s our moniker and favorite neighborhood,” Campbell told Greenpointers, adding that Greenpoint had always been on her radar.

An assortment of beads and customizable jewelry at Brooklyn Charm in Greenpoint. Photo: Brooklyn Charm

Brooklyn Charm started as an online business in 2007, before opening a storefront in Williamsburg in 2010. Now, the chain has two locations in California, eight in Japan, and one in Denmark. Since closing their Brooklyn location, the team’s New York City home base had been the Chelsea Market location of Artists & Fleas, but now two New York locations are on the company’s impressive list of worldwide storefronts.

The Greenpoint location of Brooklyn Charm is run by Adrienne, who was a manager at the original location for eight years, and the Greenpoint store will look similar to the Williamsburg one, including a few of the original employees.

Past and new employees at Brooklyn Charm’s newest location. Photo: Brooklyn Charm

“When we closed the Brooklyn store, we brought all inventory to California,” Campbell said, “and Adrienne had to start over,” Campbell explained that this meant that Adrienne could customize her inventory and decide what to focus on in Greenpoint. 

The newest location will focus on customized jewelry over jewelry-making supplies. There is also a good selection of costume jewelry in Greenpoint, too, including rings, earrings, and bracelets. Campbell explained that most of the necklaces the store offers will be handmade as opposed to vintage costume ones. 

“We are keeping it simpler in Brooklyn,” Campbell said. Though Greenpoint will have some rocks and minerals, the store will not have the same amount of knick knacks that other stores have, but the Brooklyn Charm website will still sell supplies to make jewelry and gifts that are not physically in the Greenpoint store.

Chains and accessories to customize jewelry at Brooklyn Charm. Photo: Brooklyn Charm

Brooklyn Charm also offers permanent jewelry, similar to Williamsburg’s Catbird (108 N 7th St.). Currently, permanent jewelry is only offered in Brooklyn Charm’s Ventura, California location, but Brooklyn locals will soon have the opportunity to wear Brooklyn Charm perpetually. “We intend on doing it, and hope to have it by the end of the year,” Campbell told Greenpointers.

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