Greenpoint’s legendary donut shop, Peter Pan (727 Manhattan Ave.), has teamed up with Williamsburg’s Ensenada (168 Borinquen Pl.) to create an original donut collaboration that is the perfect springtime treat.

Peter Pan’s Demetri Siafakas and Ensenada’s Luis Herrera Di Prisco used their unique expertise and perspectives to create a fresh and sunny guava-filled donut with a cream cheese lemon zest frosting. 

“Luis and I worked together to bring to life a taste of his childhood and make something that represented the spirit of Ensenada,” Siafakas said.

Siafakas told Greenpointers that Herrera Di Prisco, Ensenada’s talented executive chef, approached him a few months ago as a fan of Peter Pan’s donuts, hoping to work on a collaboration together.

Siafakas was excited by the idea and went to dine at Ensenada to find inspiration. He told Greenpointers that he became enamored with Chef Herrera Di Prisco’s flavorful Mexican-style seafood, especially the ceviche and the boneless skate wing. “I found his food to taste so fresh and transporting in flavor,” Siafakas said.

La Ensenada Donuts, guava-filled donuts with cream cheese lemon zest frosting, a collaboration from Ensenada and Peter Pan. Photo: Peter Pan and Ensenada’s Instagram.

When Siafakas and Herrera Di Prisco began brainstorming ideas for the collaboration, the latter suggested trying flavors from his childhood like guava and cheese. Siafakas lacked experience with that particular flavor combination, but his brother, Peter Siafakas, had an idea. 

Peter used a cream cheese frosting recipe passed down to him from the brothers’ grandmother. The donut started to take shape by adding a high-quality guava jelly and lemon zest “to bring Luis’s dreams to life.”

The Siafakas brothers and Herrera Di Prisco are “very proud” of the collaboration and the combination of an old school donut shop in Greenpoint with a new and refreshing restaurant in Williamsburg, “bringing two intersecting communities together, which is what the spirit of our neighborhood is all about,” Siafakas said of North Brooklyn.

La Ensenada Donut will be on Ensenada’s menu Saturdays and Sundays in May starting at noon and until they sell out. Peter Pan will sell the donuts Wednesday through Sunday through the end of June. 

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  1. KISS. Keep it simple stupid. Peter Pan is iconic with its original recipes. When it tries things like this not only are they over rated but way over prices.

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