Thick Ice Cream (208 Graham Ave.) opened a couple of months ago in an area that may or may not be called East Williamsburg. While much of North Brooklyn is teeming with traditional ice cream brands, the spunky shop opened in an underserved area devoid of a fun and affordable place to get a scoop… and that is exactly why Adriane Stewart opened Thick Ice Cream there.

Stewart, the owner of Thick Ice Cream and a long-time North Brooklyn resident, told Greenpointers, that she wanted to open an ice cream shop in her own community because it “felt like a natural way to share the love I feel when we are creating these delicious desserts.” 

“We make truly artisan ice cream on site, fresh everyday at prices that all of Brooklyn can afford,” Stewart continued. “So often artisan ice cream is too expensive for many of us, but we focus on making our treats and flavors affordable so that everyone can enjoy it. We are neighborhood driven and always focus on our core customers here in the community.”

A few of Thick’s flavors. Photo courtesy of Thick Ice Cream’s Instagram.

The Thick Ice Cream owner prides herself on providing a unique ice cream experience, totally different than supermarket brands or high-priced gourmet shops. The shop does sell a few classic options in scoops, but it is really known for its innovative flavors with what Stewart called “a soulful or Latin twist” like caramel fried cornbread and mango flan.  

Stewart said the shop’s specialty is ice cream stuffed muffins. Options include butter pecan ice cream sandwiched between a cornbread muffin, devil’s food cake with vanilla ice cream, banana bread with salted caramel ice cream, and honey vanilla muffins with mango flan ice cream.

Thick’s banana muffins stuffed with salted caramel ice cream. Photo courtesy of Thick Ice Cream’s Instagram.

Thick also offers other treats like double stack brownies and chocolate chip sandwiches paired with various flavors of ice cream, plus a few alcohol-infused flavors like Hennessy pecan pie and peach with bourbon sweet tea.

“Our ice cream is very dense and and full fat. Most people will find that our ice cream is very chewy and thick,” Stewart said. Thick Ice Cream’s shop is connected to its very own ice cream factory where the deliciously dense ice cream is made on site daily “with lots of love.” 

When Stewart opened the shop in February, it was only for two days per week depending on the weather. “It has just gotten warm enough where people notice that there is a new ice cream shop open,” Stewart said excitedly.

Now, Thick Ice Cream is open Tuesday through Sunday from 2 to 7 PM Stewart told Greenpointers that come May, she plans to keep the shop open a little later.

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