Madeline’s (113 Franklin St.), a new bar and restaurant from the guys behind Manhattan mainstay Vig Bar, will open in the space that used to be beloved Greenpoint bar, Ramona, which closed at the end of 2022 after ten years in the neighborhood.

Brooklyn native Brenton Land told Greenpointers that he “found out Ramona was closing and couldn’t help but jump on it.”

“It’s always been a beautiful bar space and deserves to stay that,” Land said of bi-level interior at 113 Franklin Street.

A rendering of the upstairs interior of Madeline’s. Courtesy of Madeline’s

Land and Patrick Byrne, the owner of Vig Bar, will co-own Madeline’s, however, the food and drink programs will be primarily run by Land and Madeline’s chef and Greenpoint local, Steve Bean. 

Land told Greenpointers that he and Bean met at Uncle Boons, developed a “good dynamic,” and the partnership “evolved out from there.” Similarly, Land and Byrne have developed a great relationship over the years. “If it wasn’t for Vig, there’d be no Madeline’s,” Land said. 


“My partner Patrick owns Vig and we’ve worked really well together over the years.  Vig Bar gave me a shot at bartending when I knew nothing. Over the years, I’ve learned from taking side jobs at other places, such as Grand Banks and Mister Paradise. Bringing that knowledge back with me has turned Vig from being the local dive to a true neighborhood gem,” Land said.

Land told Greenpointers that the food and drink concepts will revolve around “staples and specials.” 

A rendering of the downstairs interior of Madeline’s. Courtesy of Madeline’s

“Fun cocktails and avant-garde bites will be the focus,” Land said, adding that he and Bean “want to have consistency on the food and drinks menu, but also constantly rotate through a short list of ideas we have floating around.” 

The final menu is not ready yet, but guests can expect dishes like rabbit meatballs with polenta, cassoulet with confit duck, and shaved lamb and porchetta toast.

Land explained that Madeline’s, named after a friend’s daughter, is a combination of a bar and restaurant, differing from Ramona’s, which was focused on cocktails. 

“Some will come for a great drink and end up being amazed by the food. Some will come for a meal and have a fantastic time at the bar. We’ll be open late so we’ll let the guests decide,” Land said.

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  1. Why does every new bar or restaurant have to be a new take on the classic model? A bar doesn’t need to be an indoor amusement park to be successful. TBH, I prefer a basic, no frills bar where I can go and spend a few hours having some drinks or beers with friends without the bells and whistles.

    1. Sounds like the bar for you then, I didn’t see anything over the top in the article. It’s just an establishment that focuses as much on the drinks as it does on the food, and promises exactly what you want; consistency.

    1. No, he’s not. So what if he was? His money is as good as anyone else’s. At least he’d have the financial juice to make sure this place doesn’t meet an early demise. Go woke, go broke. It takes at least 2 1/2 years for a bar/restaurant in NYC to turn a profit. Most end up closing within 18-24 months. Look it up if you don’t believe me.

  2. Feels a little weird considering that, from what I heard from Ramona’s staff, that the landlord quadrupled their rent (to nearly $50k a month) to kick them out of the space. Curious what went on behind the scenes. I guess it’s possible they booted Ramona out just to increase the rent by a more modest amount for another business.

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