Last spring, MyMoon (184 North 10th St.), a dazzling restaurant and event venue in Williamsburg welcomed a wonderful new chef, Marco Antonio Paz Del Alamo. 

For this week’s Community Cookbook recipe, Chef Marco has shared his recipe for Croquetas de Jamón, or ham croquettes, one of the most popular Spanish tapas. 

See Chef Marco’s recipe for Croquetas de Jamón below and find last week’s Community Cookbook recipe here

Croquetas de Jamón from Chef Marco at MyMoon. Photo: MyMoon

Croquetas de Jamón



2.5 ounces of white onion, chopped

2.5 ounces of butter

2.5 ounces of olive oil 

6 ounces of flour

4 cups of milk

6 ounces of Iberian ham

18 ounces of breadcrumbs

6 eggs



1. Chop the ham very finely and put aside.

2. Chop the onions.

3. Put the butter and oil in a saucepan and melt it. 

4. Poach the onion in butter/oil mixture, then add the flour and mix everything. 

5. Cook the mixture for 20 minutes.

6. Add the milk, little by little, and let it cook until smooth. 

7. Add the chopped ham and leave for a minute.

8. Add a hint of salt. 

9. Put the mixture in a plastic container and let rest for 24 hours.

After 24 hours

1. Roll the dough mixture into small balls (after letting it sit for 24 hours). 

2. Crack eggs into a bowl. (Use enough eggs to cover the balls of dough, about 6.) 

3. Pour breadcrumbs into a separate bowl.

4. Dip balls of dough mixture into the egg.

5. After dipping the dough balls into the egg, dip them into the bowl of breadcrumbs. Make sure the balls are completely covered with egg and breadcrumbs.

6. Repeat this process with a few balls each time, dipping a maximum of 6 balls at a time.

7. Put enough oil in a pan to completely cover the balls.

8. Fry the balls.

9. When the balls are golden, remove them from the pan.

10. Arrange them on a plate and enjoy.

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