MyMoon (184 North 10th St.) is a restaurant and event venue in North Williamsburg that can transform from a neighborhood restaurant serving excellent Spanish cuisine to a breathtaking 160-person wedding venue, complete with ceremony and reception.

Slightly hidden on a quiet strip of North 10th Street, MyMoon’s entrance leads into a gorgeous courtyard filled with greenery and ample outdoor seating. The large indoor dining area, lounge and bar, housed in a 19th century building behind it, is equally captivating. 

The entrance to MyMoon on North 10th St. in Williamsburg.

Adding to MyMoon’s allure, a new chef has taken the reins. Marco Antonio Paz Del Alamo, who moved to Williamsburg in May, is in charge of all food, including the restaurant menu and event catering. 

Before becoming the Executive Chef at MyMoon, Chef Marco owned and was the Executive Chef at Arte y Solera in Sevilla, Spain from 2016 to 2021, and was the Executive Chef at Hotel Tortuga Bay and La Yoga in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic before that. 

Previously, Chef Marco worked at several Michelin-starred restaurants including Marcus Eaves’ L’Autre Pied in London and Martín Berasategui’s Lasarte in Barcelona, and Passion in the Dominican Republic. 


While his resume is impressive, Marco is also a genuinely nice person and family man. Marco sat down with Greenpointers to talk about MyMoon, his journey to North Brooklyn, and what he loves about the neighborhood. 

Outdoor dining tables at MyMoon.

Greenpointers:  Welcome to Williamsburg! Could you tell us a little bit about yourself and how you ended up at MyMoon?

Chef Marco Antonio Paz Del Alamo: I was born and raised in Spain. After going to culinary school in Sevilla, I worked in several restaurants there. As you know, I then worked at Michelin-starred restaurants in London and the Dominican Republic. I arrived in New York a little over one month ago, in May 2022, to work at MyMoon.

Greenpointers: You certainly have an impressive resume. Have you always wanted to be a chef?

Chef Marco: I have been passionate about culinary arts since I was very young. Growing up, I was not always a big eater but always liked cooking. I remember a photo of myself at ten-years-old cooking Spanish tortilla de patatas.

Greenpointers: How did you make the dream of becoming a chef a reality?

Chef Marco: I left Sevilla looking for the best restaurants where I could learn. I spent ten years traveling the world and learning about the industry. After those ten years, I started getting more serious and managing restaurants.

I think I always try my best and have been lucky to have important people investing in my projects.

The indoor bar area showcasing high ceilings at MyMoon.

Greenpointers: What are your favorite things on the menu at MyMoon?

Chef Marco: I wanted the menu at MyMoon to reflect the Spanish identity and philosophy, and also my personality. I tried to maintain classic Spanish dishes, and then add more personal touches. The most important thing to me was to protect the Spanish roots, but I want the menu at MyMoon to have “alma” or soul. 

I also believe in cooking with the highest quality ingredients. We recently added premium cuts of meat, fish, and scallops to the menu at MyMoon. It is difficult to choose one favorite item because I like everything I put on the menu.

Seafood paella from MyMoon. Photo: MyMoon

Greenpointers: Have one or two of the menu items been more popular than others since you started?

Chef Marco: The new menu has been available for one month, and all the items have been similar in popularity. If people want recommendations, we suggest the paella because it is a quintessential Spanish dish. We also have croquetas and patatas bravas, which are typical Spanish tapas. 

Greenpointers: Have you also worked on the beverage menu at MyMoon?

Chef Marco: Yes! We recently added more typical Spanish drinks like the Rebujito, a very light drink perfect for warm weather.

We have Spanish wines, but also try to adapt more to the American palate by offering a wide array of full and lighter body wines. For me, it is all about finding the right wine for the right person. In one year, we hope to have our own cellar at MyMoon.

Another section of outdoor space at MyMoon.

Greenpointers:  You have only lived in North Brooklyn for just over one month, but have you discovered any favorite places to eat in the neighborhood?

Chef Marco:  I have not had a lot of time to experience Brooklyn because I have been dedicated to this project. And when I get spare time, I always spend it with my family. But I will let you know in 6 months!

Greenpointers:  What do you do with your family when you are not at MyMoon?

Chef Marco: My wife and I and our 3-year-old son have explored McCarren Park, and we spend a lot of time there. My son loves the turtle splash pads near the pool.

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