Green Lane Coffee (290 Nassau Ave.), a delightful coffeeshop near McGolrick Park, has closed permanently. Though Greenpointers know that Nassau Avenue is awash with coffeeshops, Green Lane was located slightly off the beaten path, toward the industrial section of Greenpoint, but ultimately the location and other factors led to its closing.

Owner Dmitry Miroshnichenko opened Green Lane in September 2020. The small shop served Parlor Coffee, Ovenly pastries, and Bushwick teas. Miroshnichenko still runs Green Lane’s other location on Manhattan’s Upper East Side.

Miroshnichenko confirmed the closure of the Greenpoint location, telling Greenpointers, “Yes, unfortunately, the Greenpoint location is permanently closed. It’s been very hard to provide the same high-quality product without increasing our prices.”  Miroshnichenko said that the price of whole sale paper goods, coffee beans, and pastries became very expensive because of pandemic.

The owner also mentioned the abundance of other coffeeshops nearby and the fact that Green Lane was out of the way. “There are too many coffee shops that have been open recently in our neighborhood… and our location was just too far from the main foot traffic,” said Miroshnichenko.

“It’s been our pleasure and honor to be a part of Greenpoint. We hope we will be back sooner or later,” Miroshnichenko stated, offering a glimmer of hope for Greenpoint-based Green Lane fans.


The good news for Miroshnichenko is that Green Lane’s Manhattan location is doing well. “The Upper East Side location is doing good,” he told Greenpointers. “We are trying to bring all good things from Brooklyn there.”

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  1. What is a Greenpointer to do? We now only have 9,999 coffee shops left.

    All jokes aside, good luck to these people in any new adventure. If they dropped an A bomb on Greenpoint the only things remaining would be rats, cockroaches and coffee shops.

  2. The other commenter is ignorant – this was operating in an undeserved part of Greenpoint. I hope another coffee shop or restaurant opens in its stead. Lots of residents in this part of the neighborhood would patronize it. Green Lane could’ve executed better to grow their business and patronage.

  3. covid did them no favors, but this place never stood a chance. it’s very hard for any business north of kingsland to survive. and it’s not like rent is cheap here, either.

  4. thank you Dmitry you brought joy to this part of the neighborhood with your coffee shop! I have seen a few patrons walk this way to sadly discover Green Lane is no more. We can all rest assured there is now good coffee in the Upper Eastside to visit when we find ourselves in the wilds of manhattan.

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