MedBar Greenpoint (112 Greenpoint Ave) is a new integrative care practice with an evidence-based holistic approach to physical and mental wellness. Their multi-specialty services include primary care, physical therapy, chiropractic, sports medicine and (soon) nutrition and podiatry.

Not to be confused with MedBar LLC, a COVID-19 testing service with questionable billing practices, MedBar Greenpoint is an independent women-owned business that was born out of a vision to establish a unique collaborative practice with the highest medical standards. Patient-centered and non-judgmental, care is tailored to each individual’s health goals.

Dr. Justyna Natkaniec has a Doctorate in Physical Therapy and is working on her Pilates certification.

With a background in concierge medicine and a successful career in a health-start up, Dr. Caroline Birch, a Board Certified Internal Medicine Physician developed perspectives on how healthcare can be improved through lifestyle modification and mental health. Co-owner Dr. Justyna Natkaniec has a Doctorate in Physical Therapy and is working on her Pilates certification while Chiropractor Dr. Priyank Patel has 10 years of treating countless spinal and joint injuries.

Recently established in the Spring of 2022, MedBar Greenpoint continues to expand their services and aims to develop authentic connections with local Greenpointers so if you’re looking to reach your health goals, stop by and support a small local business starting up in the neighborhood!

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MedBar Greenpoint is a dedicated team providing integrative care in a modern, multi-specialty practice in the heart of Greenpoint. We pride ourselves in our holistic and evidence-based approach, which we tailor to each individual’s needs.

At MedBar Greenpoint we believe in transparent billing. Call our office for complimentary benefits eligibility verification. Currently, we accept all major PPO plans with out-of-network benefits and self pay.

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