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Did you have the stamina to stand in that massive line for the one-night-only Greenpoint Fish & Taqueria Ramirez collaboration? Was it worth it? If it was, don’t tell me, because I had to miss it

Greenpoint Fish kept busy this week, by further collaborating with Williamsburg restaurant Strangeways for a dinner raising money to clean up New York Harbor. The Shanty also did its part to raise money for the same cause, with a birthday celebration for the namesake of its gin, Dorothy Parker.

In search of a new workspace with good food and WiFi? Try Gertie.

Check out the latest entry in our Community Cookbook series, and the latest in our Historical Greenpoint series.


Election Day is August 23! Have you voted yet? Do you know who you’re voting for? Now that Nomiki Konst has dropped out, three candidates remain. Check out our Instagram to learn more about them, or watch this recent debate here.

The neighborhood is getting $100,000 for street cleaning! Bid farewell to those pesky rats (a girl can dream, right?)

Greenpointers brought you two different artist profiles this week. Learn more about how lifelong Williamsburg resident Edwin Vera is sculpting his own path, and reminisce about a bygone era with a new photography book from Laura June Kirsch.

Police are asking for help in identifying the suspect who took money from a Williamsburg synagogue.

Were you at Trader Joe’s recently, carrying a Lucy’s Vietnamese bag, and purchasing peanut butter (which could apply to many people, TBH)? You caught someone’s eye!

Mitsuki Japanese Market will be soft opening next week on August 25! Hidden gem Burnt Books secretly opened in a bodega.

In and around North Brooklyn

The New Yorker profiled Wenwen for their weekly Tables for Two feature.

This piece from WWD is a good examination of the state of retail in Williamsburg.

Eagle + West has finished construction.

How misinformation is affecting our district’s state Senate race.

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  1. My grandfather opened a paint and hardware store at 977 MANHATTAN AVENUE in 1920 . My father contnued in 1955 till he retired in 1985 . I continued the business till 2014 when i RETIRED . MISS EVERYONE AND ENJOY READING ARTICLES ABOUT GREENPOINT !!!!!

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