While anniversary gifting rules like paper for the first and silver for the twenty-fifth date back to ancient times, one Missed Connectioner is making a case for an addendum to the list: the first anniversary should be the peanut butter anniversary.

This love story in the making starts where most should, at the new Kent Avenue Trader Joe’s last week. Shopping at TJ’s during after-work hours is an extreme sport in and of itself, which suggests that the two Everything But the Bagel seasoning aficionados have a lot in common already.

While running into a fellow customer repeatedly in a store with this layout isn’t the biggest sign of kismet, going for the same peanut butter is, given the absolute abundance of Trader Joe’s nut butter options. Not to mention, we should also probably give the poster +1 for not bothering someone with earbuds in.

And hey, if Trader Joe’s isn’t down to cater the wedding, maybe Lucy’s Vietnamese will be.

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