Seafood lovers and environmentalists, rejoice. Strangeways (302 Metropolitan Ave) has teamed up with other local organizations and businesses for a fun new dining experience happening tomorrow, August 18. 

“A Lovely Seafood Dinner” brings together Greenpoint Fish, the Billion Oyster Project, and Newtown Creek Alliance.

A cocktail and oyster hour will be followed by a three-course dinner from Chef Ken Addington from Strangeways and Chef Orion Russell of Greenpoint Fish (who must be having a crazy busy week after that recent Taqueria Ramirez collaboration led to blockbuster lines).

“Proceeds from the evening will benefit Billion Oyster Project’s ongoing efforts to rebuild oyster reefs throughout New York Harbor, as well as The Newtown Creek Alliance’s work to restore, reveal and revitalize Newtown Creek and its adjoining waterways,” according to an Instagram post from Strangeways.

In the words of M.F.K Fisher, consider the oyster. “It took less than 100 years for New Yorkers to wipe out the oyster population of NY harbor,” the Billion Oyster Project writes on its website. Oysters act as an important natural filter to our water supply, filtering up to 50 gallons of water per day. Oyster reefs cultivate biodiversity and can act as a natural storm barrier. They’re also, um, quite tasty.


Tickets cost $120 and can be reserved through Resy. 

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