It’s less than a week until Election Day for the Democratic primary, but early voting has already started! Have you made up your mind about who you’re voting for?

If you’re still undecided, check out this debate between the four candidates for State Senate District 59. Nomiki Konst dropped out of the race shortly after this debate, but it’s still worth a watch to hear from the other candidates — Mike Corbett, Elizabeth Crowley, and Kristen Gonzalez. 

A screenshot from a Zoom debate with the SD-59 candidates

Empire State Indivisible hosted the Zoom debate, and Akash Mehta, Editor-In-Chief of New York Focus, served as moderator.

And stay tuned on our Instagram to hear from the candidates themselves. We’ve already interviewed each of them, but they also got a chance to speak directly to our audience. First up is Elizabeth Crowley, whose video you can check out here.

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