Updates on the return of the Greenpoint ferry stop have been sporadic and largely disappointing, to say the least. Greenpointers has reported that the ferry would return in May, then June, then September, and most recently in August, though many Greenpointers were not holding their breath, as the stop has been closed for over a year, since May 2021. 

A view of the India Street Pier from 21 India Street.

However, a flicker of hope came in the form of construction equipment seen on the pier on Monday, July 18. A huge crane was spotted at the ferry terminal, hopefully working away and getting the ferry stop ready for an August return. 

Construction crews, including a van and other large equipment, have been seen on the pier every day since Monday, indicating that Lendlease may actually keep their promise of returning the ferry service to Greenpoint in August. Greenpointers reached out to Lendlease for an update, but has not received a response.

Here’s a closeup! We’ve got a van, a crane, and lots of construction equipment!

Lendlease previously assured Greenpoint residents that the “India Street Pier has been and will continue to be open throughout this process,” as if this is some consolation for those who relied on the ferry to commute to Manhattan.

The latest update from Lendlease was on May 19 and read: “Lendlease has secured the final permit necessary to commence construction and construction work has commenced. Ferry restoration work is anticipated to continue till August 2022 and at that time ferry service will be fully restored.”

Fingers crossed!


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  1. I am so excited!! A big thanks to the workers out there every morning and very early beating the heat. Hats off to the welders and trades people who keep the city running regardless of politics.

    Greenpoint, the center of NYC yet transit isolated.

    Looking forward to having the ferry restored with a Manhattan link!

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