Though Greenpointers initially reported that ferry service at the Greenpoint stop was expected to resume in September, the projected reopening date might be a little earlier.

Lendlease, the real estate and investment group which owns the India Street Pier, announced via a press release that they anticipate construction on the stop to be completed in August due to a moratorium on the project being lifted.

This is one of two moratoriums that complicated the construction process. As we reported in March, “the first is an in-water construction moratorium issued by NYS Department of Environmental Conservation, set to end in May 2022.” Then, U.S Army Corps of Engineers issued an additional moratorium on pile driving, which was set to end in June.

With the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers lifting the pile driving moratorium, construction can start in May instead of July.

I’m hesitant to believe it until I am physically on a ferry in August, but Greenpointers will keep you updated with the project’s progress. Maybe private companies shouldn’t own public infrastructure. Just a thought!


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  1. I agree that private companies shouldn’t own public infrastructure – but in this case it appears it was a public moratorium that delayed repair. Perhaps it’s an ignorant question but, do we think if this were publicly owned it would have been granted an exception by the Dept. of Environmental Conservation and the Army Corps of Engineers?

  2. They have been driving sheet piles for months across the river at Hunters Point, right on the water with no issues. Anyways…..

    June 4th, 2022 and no sign of action or construction at Greenpoint Ferry. Today I asked the security guard and he polity said he has not seen anyone working on it yet. All the electronics and signs are looking very dilapidated.

    What can we do as a community to encourage progress? A party, a protest, cook dinner for the boss man? Any ideas are welcome!!

  3. “Maybe private companies shouldn’t own public infrastructure. Just a thought!”

    You think? Apparently there HAS been similar construction going on up at Hunter’s Point (see Matus’s comment above), so uh … what’s the holdup at the Greenpoint pier?

    Does anyone know of an alt transportation activist group in this neighborhood putting pressure on the “private company” ie developer to move it on this thing? One of the reasons I moved into the neighborhood was the pier/ferry option, only to see it shut down shortly after I got here. UGH.

    I say no more private ownership of a public service! (really, that should be a no-brainer) Clearly they’re not up to the job, or more likely, got their perk ie building an expensive high rise right on the East River and now just plain don’t care. What gives, NYC? Why would you allow this transportation option to be compromised for the New Yorkers who live here by private interests??

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