Unfortunate news surfaced this week stating that The Greenpoint Ferry Landing will remain closed until May 2022. A surprise announcement on May 23rd, 2021 left residents of Greenpoint without a ferry stop. 

A shuttle bus was offered from India Street to Hunters Point South, however citing low ridership, NYC Ferry discontinued it on June 9th. 

On June 7th, NYC Ferry said, “While Lendlease will know more about the full repair schedule in the coming weeks, they anticipate that the landing will be closed, at a minimum, for several months.” They have yet to provide a repair schedule two months later. 

However an update has come in the form of an email to residents of The Greenpoint at 21 India Street.

The email said, “LendLease, the developer who owns the Greenpoint Ferry stop are currently working with the NYC Economic Development Corporation (EDC), the city agency that oversees NYC Ferry, and Hornblower, the contractor that operates the ferry, to determine whether they can shore up the existing platform or whether they need to move it to a shallower spot. They’ll likely be making that determination in the next two weeks or so. 


After the determination is made they need permit approval from three different entities: New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, NYC Small Business Services, and the Army Corp of Engineers. While the work itself will apparently take several weeks, this permitting process is likely to extend for months. There’s also a moratorium on work that impacts the water during the late fall/winter (affects the fish populations). 

The long and short of it is that LendLease isn’t expecting the ferry stop will be open any sooner than May 2022.”

A view of the Greenpoint ferry landing from 21 India Street.

Residents of 21 India St. were shocked and outraged to receive this devastating news. Many in the building rely on the ferry to commute. Some said that they were counting on the ferry returning before September when they are being encouraged back to offices in downtown Manhattan. (The East River Ferry Line provides service from Greenpoint to Wall Street, NYC Ferry’s biggest hub.)

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  1. This is completely outrageous b.s. Aren’t there any attorneys at 21 India or any of those chi-chi high rises in the neighborhood who depend upon this form of transportation for work, to get to get going on a lawsuit, here??? I just moved back to NYC last November, and I cannot believe the inept garbage passing for management of ferry transportation in Brooklyn … what the hell? All three stops now closed, with no realistic ETA for re opening. Just ridiculous.

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