Good afternoon, Greenpointers

To quote “Smooth” by Santana ft. Rob Thomas: “Man, it’s a hot one!”

What are y’all up to this weekend? The circus is in town, and there’s a fun block party offered up by new businesses on Nassau Avenue. Check it out!

Yet another coffee shop has made its Nassau Avenue debut. Archestratus hosted a bake sale to raise money for an abortion access fund. Caracas Arepa Bar announced it will close its Williamsburg location at the end of the month. We spoke to Chef Aaron Israel of Shalom Japan. The Shanty offered us up a coffee-based cocktail.

Were you wearing a fanny pack at Café Balearica? Were you chatting with a fellow Britpop fan before SoulCycle? Someone might be looking for you!


The new mini-golf course at the William Vale helps to raise money for mental health awareness. One story that got everyone talking this week? A new Hermès store is set to make its Williamsburg debut next year.

In search of a movie recommendation? End of the Line from Brooklyn-based filmmaker Emmett Adler is a thoughtful depiction of just how bad things have gotten with the MTA.

In and around North Brooklyn

An affordable housing lottery is opening up at 227 West Street/27 Eagle Street.

Brooklyn Magazine documented the annual Giglio Lift at the OLMC Feast

Hey, neighborhood bikers! Here’s a paid opportunity to bike for environmental justice, though your response is requested by today!

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