Local gem Archestratus (160 Huron Street.) has hosted a few other bake sales this year to raise money to help Ukraine. Unfortunately, because the world sucks and the problems keep coming, they’ve turned their attention to the devastating Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.

Today from 5 – 8 p.m. (though they could sell out earlier!), Archestratus will host another bake sale, but this time with a twist — everything offered today will be baked by cis-men. Hence, the name “The Fabulous Baker Boys.” I apologize if I misled you with the headline, but this is not a screening of the 1989 film. You could take your goods home and watch it on your own time, though.

“Studies show that young white men feel most qualified to participate in politics but are least likely to perform a civic action. While men have been some of our top bake sale consumers, baking for others is a true act of empathy,” Archestratus writes on their Instagram page. “Empathy is a quality rarely celebrated when it comes to men amongst men, so this is a chance to come together as a community and friggin do that. IT IS GOING TO FEEL AWESOME.”

I’m particularly interested in the pistachio orange blossom babka and some cardamom buns, and I’m also interested in, conservatively, literally everything else on the menu.

All funds raised will go to the Brigid Alliance, a group that provides logistical support and funds to people who need to travel to access abortion care.


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