Caracas Arepa Bar announced the closure of its Williamsburg location via an Instagram post.

“We have come to the end of this chapter and we have decided to close the circle … for now… to allow for some brain and soul expansion…” they wrote, “We are not disappearing, this is not the end, we are just making the very hard and sad decision to close this location to rethink what makes sense.”

Williamsburg’s dining scene vacillates between highs and lows. The truly excellent restaurants (The Four Horseman, Le Crocodile, Lilia) are delightful, but pricy and hard to get into. Laidback options like Vanessa’s Dumpling House and Birria-Landia are equally tasty, and inexpensive, but offer limited seating. That middle ground, the elusive casual place where you can meet up with friends and not break the bank, is something that Williamsburg lacks, in my personal experience.

Caracas was perfect for that middle ground. Meat-lovers and vegetarians alike could find something to eat. They specialized in rum and, obviously, arepas. I hope this is not the end of their time in North Brooklyn, and I look forward to whatever they decide to do next.

July 31 will be the last day for the Williamsburg location. Caracas will still operate out of its Rockaway Beach location.


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  1. So sad! I loved Caracas and would visit it nearly every month pre-Covid. I’ll be making a visit to their Rockaway Beach location.

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