Good afternoon, Greenpointers.

Well, dear neighbors, it was a largely sleepy, post-4th week here at the publication. Except for one teensy, tiny, little story that absolutely no one cared about, concerning the proposed redesign of McGuinness Boulevard.

Just kidding! Everyone had an opinion on that one. And if you don’t yet, read up and see what you think. I’m sure you’ll let us know in the comments section.

July features the return of the annual OLMC Feast, an Italian-American staple that’s fun for the whole family. This summer also sees the second annual Summer Music Series taking place in Bushwick Inlet Park.

In other live music news, check out our profile of Greg Banks, whose blend of New Orleans jazz and R&B you might be able to catch at the Metropolitan Ave stop.


A massive fire tore through multiple Williamsburg businesses last Friday, damaging Union Pool and Peruvian restaurant Chimu.

We spoke to Chef Marco Antonio Paz del Alamo of MyMoon. Shalom Japan offered up a quintessential recipe to try at home. Be on the lookout for our interview with the owners next week.

Lastly, kick off your weekend by wasting time and watching these Greenpoint TikToks, ranging from #aesthetic to hilarious.

In and around North Brooklyn:

Apparently, everyone working from home has been a boon for retail in Williamsburg.

Eater gave a shout-out to Kettl’s tasty and elegant-looking matcha parfait.

In the battle for a prime East River fireworks watching spot, the NYPD apparently blocked off areas specifically for them and their families. Cops abusing their power, I’m so shocked!

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  1. Emma, why wouldn’t NYPD deserve a little perk? They put their lives on the line each day . God knows NYC doesn’t take care of them. I am sure you get employment perks. I lived in Greenpoint for many years and we respected Police Officers . GO BLUE!

  2. I own my house in McGinnis Boulevard for over 20 years now. In this amount of time I actually have seen the boulevard transform and become safer as a sort of variety of measures being added. Specifically the speed cameras now in McGuinness Boulevard have deterred motorist from the speeding that we are used to. My major issue is McGuinness Boulevard even in its current design still causes waves of heavy traffic that stretch all the way into Long Island city. Eliminating even one lane of traffic would cause a domino effect from the queen side of the 59th St. bridge all the way down to the Brooklyn Queens Expressway in Greenpoint . His Boulevard doesn’t simply serve as a skip through as many say but actually as a main route or an artery that connects the 59th St. bridge to the Brooklyn Queens Expressway. Alternate measures such as adding speed bumps along McGuinness Boulevard would be a step in the right direction. Eliminating lanes is not the solution as we would be throwing this problem on the other Greenpoint streets which are not prepared to handle such heavy congestion.

  3. Hey Emma…next time you need a cop try asking one of your liberal friends for help..let us know how that goes !! NYPD is underappreciated, underpaid, and underfunded. Support the NYPD !!

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