As a 1996 baby, I proudly cling to the millennial designation by the skin of my teeth (that’s the year that allegedly divides the millennials from Gen Z). But I’ll admit that I’m on the cusp, and I feel especially cusp-y when I indulge in my latest obsession — TikTok. I’m late to the party and deliberately so. At first, the app seemed like a hyperkinetic, childish, time-sucking black hole. Then curiosity got the better of me, and I’m now stuck scrolling away in an endless sea of content. And you know what? Some of it’s pretty good.

Once the algorithm figures you out (and it really figures you out), you might even start getting content specific to your own neighborhood. When a place is as vibrant and picturesque as Greenpoint, it’s no wonder that Greenpoint-tok is blowing up my feed.

The weird soap at Troost

I first encountered the soap in the Troost bathroom after having a Negroni on an empty stomach, so I assumed it was a drunken hallucination. But no, it’s real, as this TikTok confirms.

Gone but never forgotten

TikTok can quickly make a song go viral. Lately, ABBA’s “Angeleyes” is making its rounds on the platform. @anotherkimk uses it to commemorate a place we loved and feared in equal measure — the Disco Ball Rite Aid, formerly the Meserole Theater.

Reverse cat-calling?

This one isn’t Greenpoint-specific, though it takes place in Greenpoint and concerns the number of attractive men ‘round these parts.


Peter Pan Donuts

Shoutout to Peter Pan Donuts. While not a secret to anyone who has lived here for even five minutes, it’s impressive to see 1 million likes on this video.

Housing market woes


the apartment market is insane in Brooklyn, maybe 50 people for 1 apartment #brooklyn #nyc #apartment #newyork #ny #SearchForWonderMom

♬ Elevator Music – Bohoman

This video of an open house nearly gave me a panic attack. My landlords say they sometimes read Greenpointers so umm…let’s keep the rent the same this year, yes?!

A dreamy, new listening bar

One of Greenpoint’s hottest reservations, Eavesdrop has blown up since opening this spring. With aesthetic lighting, blonde wood, and small plates, it’s not hard to see why.

One of a kind rugs


nyc has so many amazing classes, but this rug tufting one is def a new fave! #nyc #nyctok #monicakim #nycrecs #greenpoint @scatteredkind #moomin

♬ animal crossing ~ new horizons lofi – Closed on Sunday

Scattered Kind, a custom rug-making workshop, was made for TikTok. Learn how to make your own rug with this unique class

The Fluffiest Pancake Ya Ever Did See

The TikTok girlies looooooove Rule of Thirds and their souffle pancakes. Gotta say, it looks pretty damn good.


Last but not least, who could forget the cheeky lads of #TheLedge?

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