MáLà Project (603 Manhattan Ave.), will open the small chain’s first Brooklyn location in Greenpoint in late summer or early fall. The Chinese concept focuses on dry pot, or dishes served without broth.

To hold you over until MáLà Project opens in the neighborhood, the restaurant shared its recipe for Sweet Lotus Root. See this side dish recipe below and find last week’s Community Cookbook recipe here

MáLà Project’s Sweet Lotus Root


1 large lotus root


¼ cup red beans 

¼ cup rock sugar 

½ cup sticky rice 

1 teaspoon of an Osmanthus flower

1 teaspoon of honey 


  1. Wash and clean the lotus root.
  2. Peel the lotus root skin.
  3. Peel off brown bits at the end. (Make sure not to take too much off, so the rice doesn’t leak out later.)
  4. Cut about one-third of the way into the lotus root so that there are two parts.
  5. Wash and clean the sticky rice.
  6. Stuff larger lotus root half with sticky rice until full.
  7. Attach top of lotus root with toothpicks to the larger lotus root piece. (Make sure it’s study and won’t fall off.
  8. Place in large pot.
  9. Cover with water, and then add rock sugar and red bean, to taste.
  10. Cook on high heat until boiling, then medium heat for 8 hours.
  11. Take out toothpicks, cut into slices, and top with honey and Osmanthus flowers.

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