Bar food can only get so fancy before it becomes something a cut above. The food at Slate — the new rooftop bar now open at The Pod Brooklyn Hotel — understands it’s serving bar fare while also elevating the game. The Korean cauliflower is crispy, the house nachos are filling, and the everything pretzel dangles on a fun hook with dipping sauces below and enough carbs to feed half a dozen.

Slate, which just opened at 247 Metropolitan Avenue as a follow-up to the bar’s Chelsea location, is a bit of a hike if you opt for the stairs, but the tippy top is worth it. Set a touch inland, the bar still offers views of the Manhattan skyline even amidst hyper-developed Williamsburg’s increasingly busying waterfront.

Various seating arrangements from tables to laid-back lounges to bar seating give visitors ample places to plant themselves. It’s easy to stay for a couple rounds of drinks with the only time tracker the sun’s movement above. The staff is friendly, the vibes are chill, and the drinks are right on. Slate is opening at just the ripe moment when outdoor seating is a must. Head there early; the wait will surely add up as the days goes longer.

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